Gift Item NPC Favor Ragnarok X Next Generation

Hello friends, Some of the NPC Ragnarok X Next Generation have love marker when you talk with them. You can gift them their favorite item gift to increase your intimacy level with them. You can get reward after the intimacy level full.
Below are the table about Gift Item NPC Favor Ragnarok X Nex Generation.

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NPC Town.

1NPC typeNPCLocationUnlock methodGeneral favorFavoriteUnlock task rewards20%50%100%
Friendship RewardFriendship RewardFriendship Reward
2otherW (Kafra Teleporter)Main TownsUse Kafra Teleport 100 timesGardening +1.5%Four Leaf Clover + 1%Ordinary headgear boxAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
3Lavender + 2.5%Kafra Doll Headgear
4Doll PendantFast WarpFast WarpFast Warp
CD: 1hCD: 30minCD: 10min
5Jakdal (Exchange)Main TownsPurchase VIP card and bid successfully three timesObsidian +2.5%Amethyst + 2.5%Avatar frameChat box + friend barBig Time Spender set
7Tamdia (Chamber of Commerce)Main TownsComplete 10 Sets of CoC missionAura flower, thick soil leaf, breeze orchid +1.5%Ancient Coin +1%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
8(100 orders)maple sugar cake +2.5%Chamber of Commerce shopping discount of 5%Chance to get x2 coins for each CoC missions
9ArielleMain TownsStay Near her for approx 5minsChamber of Commerce Crystal +0.8%Aloe + 2.5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Randomly get buff (lasts 30mins)Physical attack and magic attack +1%
10Gardening +1.5%Lake bed Pearl + 2.5%Physical defense and magic defense +2%Main attribute +5% (maximum limit +50 points)
11Floating ShardsHaste +2%HP+5% (up to +5000)
12Flessi / FlowsProntera South GateSad Clown Music BoxTrading Bank Gift +1.5%Doll pendant 2.5%Ordinary headgear boxAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
13(Deviling Drop)Pumpkin head +1%CLOWN SUIT
14Smile AssistanceProntera South GateJust talk to herFish, Gathering +3%Cave vanilla +5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
15traveler’s dry food
16Magic FurnacePronteraMeteor Fragment (Phreeoni Drop)Guide GrassAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5Weekly Task Reward
17Starlight ConchUnlock Lucky RefineThousands of temperingPerseveranceRefining Master
18(not yet available on SEA)Long Lei?Unlock Favor Weekly QuestWhen receiving the blessing of the magic furnace, there is a probability that no refining items will be consumed when refiningWhen receiving the blessing of the magic furnace, it will not be downgraded when refining.Receive the blessing of the magic furnace, there is a probability to increase the success rate when refining.
19Enchant NPCSapirPronteraEnchant 50xGolden FlowerAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2– Adventure EXP*5
Refreshing Dew– Unlock Max Enchant level
Magic Waste– Weekly Quest that gives enchanting chance bonus
Leaf Bookmark
20HobsonGolden Feather +1.66%Weekly Task Reward
Shattering Shroom
Stone Heart +0.66%
21Lil KittyArcane FlowerMagic PerceptionMagic Burst
22QuincyMorrocScorched MushroomThere is a chance that enchanting items will not be consumed when enchanting.Increase the chance of enchanting level upgrade during enchanting.
24MewlieaWithered Chastetree
Giant Shrimp
31TracyPayonQuiet Flower
Grim Grass
32EudoraTough Vine
Ocre Seeding
35EufemiahPraying Flower
36MewlandeCrystal Rose
37Ingredients MerchantGracePronteraCooking level 3Pumpkin 3%Chili + 3%Adventure EXP*5
38berries + 5%Rattan
39Snail + 5%
40NoviaIzludeCooking level 2Fish, Gathering +3%Pan + 2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
41pumpkin + 5%
42wheat ear + 5%
43StephanieMorroc / Desert Green TavernCooking level 4Ingredients required for cooking 4 +3%Cactus 5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
44RachelAlbertaCooking level 5Cactus +3%Tuna +5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
45AlbelPayonCooking level 7Wild Chrysanthemum +3%Bamboo shoots +5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
46NicolaGeffenCooking level 8Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
47Equimpment Material MerchantArthailPronteraUnlock Sewer HardInstance Mats +3%Metal armor +2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
48old weapons +5%
49SiperaIzludeUnlock Pirate HardInstance Mats +3%The little flower turnsAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
50into a leaf + 2%
51Muppet pendant + 5%
52DaphneMorrocUnlock Pyramid HardInstance Mats +3%Everrose + 2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
53bright red wine + 5%
54RussellAlbertaUnlock Lost Temple HardInstance Mats +3%Gorgeous gold ornaments +2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
55no master gold bracelet +5%
56JeffPayonReach Level 68Instance Mats +3%Bay leaf cinnamon twig +5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
57PriscillaGeffenUnlock Dracula Hard?Instance Mats +3% (?)Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
58Headgear MerchantRoshaPronterajust talkFish, Gathering +3%Invisible silk thread + 2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
59sea ​​buckthorn + 5%
60JolieIzludejust talkRough stone +1.6%Requiem Sand+2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
61fish, Gathering +3%Wild Chrysanthemum+5%
62RylaiMorrocjust talkFish, Gathering +3%Orc Spice + 2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
63Seaweed + 5%
64FelixAlbertajust talkFish, Gathering +3%Caramel skin + 2%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
65silver carp + 5%
66VillardPayonjust talkFish, Gathering +3%Ancient book fragment +5%Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
67Piranha +5%
68IngaelGeffenSirius Eyeball (Wolf Type Mobs Drop) Very low ChanceTrading Bank Gift Stone +1.5%Soft fur +1%Ordinary headgear boxAdventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5
69topaz+2.5%HUSKY SET
70specialIsabellaTavernAny bubble emoji
71SchumanPronteraSuper kart model +0.5%Cool Skateboard Friend FrameCool Skateboard Chat BoxTornado Skateboard Mount
72CoC mats +0.8%Gorgeous Sports Car Model +1%Favor Quest Unlock. Need 10 Gold and 10 silver for the quest. Reward: Vitality Potion x2Favor Quest Unlock. Reward: Basic Card Album
73Racing F1 Car Model +2%