Faction Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution faction guide for the new players. Faction info, How to chance faction, Strongest 111
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Faction Info

You can check the faction you’ve joined, the information on the current Grand Master, and the faction notice.

1. Faction Info

1) You can view the notice and info of the faction you joined in Faction Info.

 ① Faction Info can be accessed from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Faction] → [Faction Info].
♠ You need to be in a faction to check the faction info.

 ② Check this week’s Faction Leader’s info, the time remaining until faction point calculation, the Grand Master’s name, and the faction notice here. 

 ③ View your own character’s status in the faction in My Faction Info.
  – Faction Rank: Displays your current rank in the faction.
  – Faction Ranking: Check your current rank and ranking here.
  – My Points: Your current faction points.
  – [Rank Bonus Info] in [My Faction Info] shows all the different bonuses for each rank in the faction.
  – Tap the magnifying glass icon to see the ranking status for each faction.
  – You can check your faction points in My Points.

 ④ Tap the Strongest 111 button to see the strongest 111 players in the faction.
 ♠ You can only view info of the faction you’re currently in.

 ⑤ You can view the faction war and faction ranking change history in Faction History.

2) Only the Grand Master can put up faction notices.
 ① Grand Masters are decided by the weekly faction points.

 ② Grand Masters are displayed with an icon to the right of the notice.

2. Strongest 111

1) What is the Strongest 111?

 ① The top 111 players with the most faction points become Strongest 111 in the faction.

 ② The 111 are comprised of a Grand Master, Masters, and Champions.

2) Strongest 111
 ① Tap Strongest 111 button in the Faction Info menu to see the strongest 111 players in the faction.

 ② Check the ranking, faction rank, character name, clan, and faction points.

 ③ You can check the info of players with higher ranking in the Hall of Fame.

 ④ [Rank Bonus Info] shows all the different bonuses for each rank in the faction.

 ⑤ You can check the Grand Master’s clan info and character info. 

3. Faction History
1) You can check the faction’s important highlights in Faction History.
 ① Tap the Faction History button in the Faction Info menu to check.

 ② Faction History is divided into Faction War, Rankings, and My Battle History.

2) Faction War
 ① You can see the faction’s victory or loss in the Faction War.

3) Rankings
 ① Rankings based on Faction points are available for viewing.

 ② You can see the Strongest 111 and Top 9 Clans history in the ranking change history.

4) My Battle Record
 ① See the history of defeating or getting defeated by the enemy faction.

 ② See faction ranks of defeated players and the points you won.

 ③ See faction ranks of players who defeated you and the points you lost.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

Faction Status

You can view the Faction Membership Ratio and faction points here.

1. Faction Status

1) You can view the points for each faction and win/loss in Faction Status

 ① Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Challenge] → [Faction Status].

 ② Check the Weekly Faction Status.

 ③ You can check the faction points for each area in the daily status.

  – Each faction war status can be seen in [Faction Info] – [Faction History].

 ④ Weekly rewards are delivered after the faction weekly calculation, based on the points and ranks.

 ⑤ Check the reward in the results screen.

 ⑥ The weaker faction will receive faction points and XP increasing effect after the weekly faction points calculation.

2) Weekly Reward

 ① Rewards differ based on the results of the faction war.

 ② Rewards differ based on the faction rank.

 ③ The higher the rank, the better the reward.

 ④ Check the Result and the Reward to claim the reward.

  – Find the reward in the inventory.

♠ The Weekly Reward can be claimed until the next faction points calculation.

2. Membership Ratio

1) You can check the membership ratio between the Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion.

2) You can switch factions in the Membership Ratio menu.

 – You might not be permitted to switch if the membership difference between the factions is too significant.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

How to Change Factions

Factions can be changed from the Faction Status page.

1. How to Change Factions

1) Factions can be changed by going to the membership ratio tab of the Faction Status menu.
 ① Access Faction Status by navigating from the main screen → [Menu] → [Faction] → [Faction Status] → [Membership Ratio], then change it from this menu. 

 ② Tap the Change Faction button from the [Membership Ratio] screen to change factions to what’s been selected.

  – The faction you are currently in can’t be selected.

  – Factions that have Very High Memberships can’t be selected.

2) Faction can be changed 14 days after joining one.

2. Faction Rank upon Faction Change

1) Faction Rank and Points may change when you switch Factions.

 ① Players in Grand Master, Master, and Champion ranks will downgrade to Ascetic rank and have their Faction Points reset.

 ② All other ranks will maintain their current rank. However, Faction Points will reset.

3. Conditions that make Faction Change Unavailable
1) Join Status of Parties/Clans

 ① Faction changes are unavailable if you’re in a party or clan.

 ② Change Factions after leaving either.

2) Faction Quest in Progress
 ① Certain quests are different for the Cerulean Order/Crimson Legion.

 ② Faction changes are unavailable if you’re on either of those faction-exclusive quests.

3) Faction Point Calculations
 – Faction changes are unavailable during the Faction Point calculation period.

4) Membership Ratios for Factions
 – Factions with high membership will have join restrictions that apply to players seeking to join or change factions.

5) When 14 Days Have Not Passed Since Last Change
 – Factions can be changed 14 days after joining one, or since the last change.

6) War Zone

 ① Faction changes are unavailable in War Zones.

  – List of War Zones: Stillbrook Basin/Razorwing Ravine/Highland Necropolis/Rocky Hills

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

How to Become One of the Strongest 111

The top 111 ranked players for each Faction are eligible to become the Strongest 111.

1. Strongest 111

1) The top 111 characters of each faction are called the Strongest 111.
 – This value includes 1 Grand Master, 10 Masters, and 100 Champions that add up to 111.
 – Information about the Strongest 111 can be found in the [Faction Info] menu.

2) Each faction has its own Strongest 111.
 – The Grand Master and Masters can use the Faction Megaphone.

3) Strongest 111 Benefits
 – They can receive buffs that increase stats.

2. How to Become a Part of the Strongest 111

1) Players start as Initiates upon joining a Faction for the first time.
 ① They are granted 1,000 Faction Points.

 ② Faction Points decrease for even Initiates if they are brought to Near-Death or killed by an opposing faction’s character.

 ③ Characters ranked Novice to Ascetic increase a rank every week.

  – If the target score isn’t reached by the time faction points are calculated, players must wait until the next calculation time.

  – The top 10 characters ranked Initiate to Warrior will increase 2 faction ranks.

♠ Ranks won’t increase if you don’t meet the requirements by the time points are calculated.

2) Characters in the Ascetic rank will be ranked based on rank order during the calculation period.
 ① The #1 ranked Ascetic in the Faction will become Grand Master.

 ② Ascetics ranked #2-11 in the Faction will become Master.

 ③ Ascetics ranked #12-111 in the Faction will become Champion.
♠ Characters ranked Grand Master-Champion will immediately be demoted to Ascetic if they fall below rank 111.

3. Faction Strategies with the Strongest 111

1) Faction Megaphone

 ① The Grand Master and Masters can use the Faction Megaphone to quickly send strategic information to all faction members.

 ② Messages can also be sent to faction members in the same channel.
  – Notifications can be sent to just the faction members in a channel where a Faction War is taking place.

 ③ Faction members can quickly call for assistance in War Zones if needed.
  – If combat isn’t going well they’re able to send information, such as their location/channel.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

Faction Shop

Purchase items at the Faction Shop that help your Faction.

Available after joining a Faction. More items become available as the Faction Rank increases.

1. What is the Faction Shop?

1) Available upon joining a Faction.

2) You can join a Faction after completing the Act 1 Main Quest “The Call of the Warring Factions.”

3) Two factions exist: the Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion.

4) More items become available as the Faction Rank increases.
♠ There are 10 Faction Ranks, ranging from Initiate to Grand Master.
    Rank is determined by Contribution acquired from taking actions such as eliminating characters from the opposing faction or defeating enemies.

5) Access the Faction Shop by navigating to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Faction] → [Faction Shop].

2. How to use the Faction Shop

1) The menu consists of Recommended Items, Designs, Soul Shield Chests, and Materials.

 – Recommended Items: Items that provide support for Faction-related activities.

 – Designs: You can purchase Designs for crafting equipment.

 – Soul Shield Chests: Chests that contain Soul Shields.

 – Materials: Enhancement Stones required to enhance the equipment can be purchased.

2) Items
 ① Check available items, purchase limits, and required Rank.

  – More items become available as Faction Rank increases.

 ② Tap the item price to view the item’s details.

3) Purchase
 ① Check the type of required currency, quantity, and price.
 ② Check the remaining time until the item’s sale period ends.
  – Shop items have purchase limits.
  – Once the item’s sale period ends, the purchase limits will be reset and become available for purchase.
 ③ After selecting an item, tap Price (currency amount) to spend the set price.
    Purchased items will be immediately sent to your Inventory.

 ④ Only the winning Faction members can view the sale items in a village store.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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