Escanor PvP Team Build

Need suggestions for escanor pvp team? Geared or ungeared? Its makes a pretty big difference for team composition, here is our suggestions.

Many characters are great in geared and not so great in ungeared (Howzer for example is REALLY good in geared because you can build him with a ton of pierce rate and have him take a team well below half hp on the first turn)

In ungeared though he is kind of a scrub because you dont have him build optimally for doing that kind of damage. Escanor will be similar because of his insanely high pierce rate. He is great in both you just have to build your teams based on your strengths and stats.

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You can use King, Escanor, Gowther, Merlin and its working pretty well now. Dont forget to use escanor lvl 2 or above skill to help rush his ult and if you need to get out of a petrify or freeze or a debuff just move some cards around until you get his ult and he will break out of it when his gage is full. Now that I have started to remember these tricks its getting a lot better to use him. so the comp strengths are

King – Cleanse, heal, petrify (and pretty good damage even on his rank 1 card with good cosmetics), rush ult for mass nuke (my king is 6/6)

Escanor – Mass damage, try to concentrate on one unit… sometimes I go for a unit and then another unit becomes “more of a threat” and i start to go for them. Splitting damage like this is often a bad idea because you end up killing no units. Use his rank 2 or better to rush his own ult, dont forget his skill applies ignite and removes buffs (both of those are really important). Rush his ult if you have a unit you need to single target nuke. Break CC/remove debuffs by filling ult gage

Gowther – Ult gage removal (rush the ult if you have to), Attack seal (really undervalued but definitely a game winner) and of course the rank up to help king heal, petrify or escanor do more damage and rush his ult.

Merlin – Gives you the +1 ult at start and can stall the other teams ult when she comes down and give you suitability with the cube.. just remember that you cant cube escanor when his ult is full. Ult is a pretty good single target nuke as well.

Remembering to utilize all this during the match and do it quickly is the key. Hope this helps.