Equipment Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this Blade and Soul Revolution equipment guide for the new players. Reforging, Enhancement, soul ascension, and salvaging.
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Reforging Guide

Reforging allows you to process equipment stats, and is one method to get new stats for equipment.

Go to the Fire Pit’s Forge menu to check out the Reforge function!

1. Reforge

1) Reforging allows you to undergo Reforge Options to obtain new, random stats.

 – The number of Reforge Options differs based on equipment grade.
 – Tap on a piece of equipment in your inventory to view details and see its Reforge Options.

2) Forgestones and Silver are required to reforge.

3) There are two types of Forgestones: Normal and Fixed.
 – Normal Forgestones are used when all reforge options are being changed.
 – Fixed Forgestones are used to lock a piece of equipment’s stats,
   when you don’t want them to change.
 – There are various ways to acquire Forgestones. Purchase them from the General Merchant, salvage equipment, process soulstones, and more.

4) They can be used through the Reforge menu that pops up by tapping the Fire Pit.

2. How to Reforge

1) Select Equipment
 ① Select equipment to reforge from the Inventory.

  – Use Quick Register to quickly tap and register items.

  – Registered equipment can be deselected by tapping the icon again, or by tapping

    the X button on the slotted item name’s left-hand side.

  – Forgestones in the Inventory will be selected automatically when a piece of equipment is registered.

 ② Tap the Reforge button to proceed with the reforging process. The required Forgestones increases based on equipment grade.

 ③ Reforge Options are reset when equipment is put up for sale in the Marketplace,

     so equipment must be chosen carefully when you are reforging.

 ④ You may also lock Reforge Options to avoid reforging stats that you want to keep.

  – Tap the “Fixed” button located next to the stat to lock it.

  – Tap the “Remove” button to unlock the stat.

  – The amount of Fixed Forgestones required increases based on the number of locked stats.
  – Deselecting Fixed Forgestones will also unlock the stat.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

Enhancement Guide

Enhancement Stones can be used to enhance weapons and accessories.

The base stats of enhanced equipment will increase, and Special Options will be activated.

1. Enhancement

1) Enhancement is a feature where Enhancement Stones can be used to increase the enhancement level of weapons and accessories.

2) Use the Fire Pits located in each village or purchase the Fire Pit item from the shop to access the enhancement menu.

3) Enhancement is 100% successful up to level 5. Levels 6 and higher have different success rates.

4) Durability degrades little by little every time an enhancement attempt fails.
   If a piece of equipment is at 0 Durability and enhancement fails, it becomes damaged. Damaged items can’t be enhanced or traded.

5) Though damaged equipment can’t be listed in the Marketplace, it can be sold to NPC Shops or salvaged.

6) Special Options will activate when Superior grade or better equipment is enhanced to +10.

2. How to Enhance

1) Tap the icon from the Fire Pit to open up the forge menus and select Enhancement.

2) You’ll need Enhancement Stones and equipment to enhance.
 – Weapons and Accessories both require their own unique Enhancement Stones.

3) Proceed with Enhancement
 ① Register the piece of equipment to enhance.

  – Use Quick Register to quickly tap and register items.

 ② Register the Enhancement Stones to use.

  – Tap “Exclude Tradeable Materials” to filter out any materials that can be listed in the Marketplace.

 ③ When all the required materials have been registered, tap “Enhance” to proceed.
  – Check the success rate here before starting enhancement.
  – Stat increases from successful enhancement will be displayed here.
  – Special Options activated after enhancing Superior grade or better equipment will be displayed here.

 ④ Successful Enhancements
  – A successful enhancement will increase the base stats of equipment.
  – The higher the enhancement level, the lower the enhancement success rates.

 ⑤ Failed Enhancements
  – Failed enhancements decrease equipment durability.
  – Enhancement failures on a piece of equipment at 0 durability will render it damaged.

4) Multiple Enhancements

 ① Tap Enhance Multiple at the top of the screen to enhance multiple pieces of equipment.

 ② Enhance Multiple allows you to enhance multiples of the first type of equipment registered. 

 ③ Tap “Enhance” to start the process. Results will be displayed immediately.

3. Enhancement Materials

1) Equipment
 ① Equipment is required for enhancement.

 ② Only Weapons and Accessories (Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings) are eligible for enhancement.

2) Enhancement Stones
 ① Weapon/Accessory Enhancement Stones: Success increases enhancement level by 1.

 ② Radiant Weapon/Accessory Enhancement Stones: Success increases enhancement by up to 2 levels.

3) How to Obtain Enhancement Materials
 ① Materials can be obtained from hunting, from dungeons, and through quests.

 ② They can be purchased from the General Merchant or in the shop.

 ③ They can also be crafted through General Merchants or obtained by salvaging equipment.

 ④ There’s a chance to obtain them when processing Soulstones.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

Soul Shield Ascension Guide

Increasing Soul Shield levels will grant even more stats.

1. Soul Shield Ascension

1) Access the Ascend Soul Shields menu through the forge in the Fire Pit.

 – When ascending Soul Shields, you may use Soul Shields of the same shape

   as material for the main piece, regardless of grade.

♠ Soul Shields are numbered according to where they are placed.

2) They can be leveled up to level 30 and base stats increase with each level. 

3) Soul Shields used as material for ascension are converted into XP and will disappear.

 – The higher the material Soul Shield’s grade/level/XP, the more XP it grants for ascending the main Soul Shield.

♠ Make sure to check the numbers on the main Soul Shield and any materials used.

   The Soul Shield being ascended and any eligible materials will be selected based on a number – its equip location.

2. How to Ascend Soul Shields

1) Select and register the main Soul Shield to ascend.

 – Register the main Soul Shield on the upper left and register materials to the bottom slot.

2) Select Soul Shields to use as material and register them.

 ① A list of Soul Shields that can be used as material in the Inventory will show up automatically when the main Soul Shield is selected.

 ② Tap eligible Soul Shields in the Inventory to register them as material.

 ③ The amount of Silver required to ascend Soul Shields differs based on the grade/level/amount of materials registered.

♠ Material Soul Shields purchased from the Exchange Merchant can also be used to ascend Soul Shields.

3) Tapping Auto-Register after selecting a main Soul Shield will automatically register any available materials.

 – Auto-Register settings can also be set by selecting “Auto-Register.” 

4) Up to 50 Soul Shields can be registered as material. Check the counter below the materials slot to see the number of materials selected.

5) Tap the selected Soul Shield to deselect it.

 ① Tap the “Remove” button to deselect Soul Shields after selecting them from the Inventory.

 ② Tapping the ‘X’ button to the left of the item name will also deselect the item.

 ③ All selected materials will be deselected when the ‘X’ button is tapped.  

6) Ascension results can be previewed before starting,

   and tapping “Ascension” will start the process.

7) Stat increases can be viewed after ascension is complete.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

Salvaging Guide

Materials that can be used to strengthen equipment can be obtained through salvaging. 

Obtain Black Crystals that can be used in the Marketplace by salvaging Black Crystal Ore.

1. Salvaging

– Various items can be obtained by salvaging. You can access the menu from the Fire Pit.

2. How to Salvage

1) Register Items to Salvage

 ① Select and register an item in the inventory to salvage.

 ② Tapping “Select All” will allow you to register multiple items at once.

 ③ Tap the selected items again to deselect them.

 ④ Tapping “Remove All” will deselect all registered items.

2) Previewing Salvage Results

 ① Preview the items obtained from salvaging here.

 ② Available items and the amount obtained differs based on equipment type and grade.

  – Weapons: Weapon Enhancement Stones, Enhancement Stone Fragments, and weapon crafting materials

  – Accessories: Accessory Enhancement Stones, Enhancement Stone Fragments, and accessory crafting materials

  – Soul Shields: Enhancement Stone Fragments, and Forgestones

 ③ Salvage results also differ based on the equipment’s enhancement level. When enhanced equipment of certain levels are salvaged, 

     you may obtain Radiant Enhancement Stone Fragments or Radiant Enhancement Stones.

3) Proceed with Salvaging

 ① Tap the “Salvage” button to start the process. The results window will pop up afterward.

 ② Tap “Confirm” to place the salvaged materials in your Inventory.

 ③ Tap “Move to Storage” to move crafting materials to Storage. Other items will be placed in your Inventory.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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