Electroculus Location Genshin Impact

You need to find Electroculus to level up Wind Statue of The Seven. Below are Electroculus Location Genshin Impact Guide.

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Electroculus Location Tsurumi Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 1
  1. Just above the large stone pillar. It’s quite easy to spot this Electroculus from the mainland.
  2. It’s not far above the beach, hidden behind a Thunder Barrier. There’s an Electrogranum next to a Hilichurl camp nearby. Use it to float up, and then glide, run, and climb to the Barrier as fast as you can. 
  3. On top of the tall rock.
  4. You’ll see a large waterfall. The Electroculus is on a small rock near the bottom, where the river turns to sea. 
  5. On top of the small island.
  6. On top of an old stone archway, next to Mt. Kanna. 
  7. Inside the Thunder Barrier. The Electrogranum is further towards the east, next to the red trial mechanism.
  8. It’s very near the top of Mt. Kanna. There are two holes in the rock; the Electroculus is inside the lower one. You’ll see it if you glide down from the top.
  9. Enter Mt. Kanna through the opening on the southside. Look at the massive old tree trunk before you; the Electroculus is on the right.
  10. On the roof of the large Hilichurl hut.
  11. Go down to the water, then look towards the south. The Electroculus is floating high up in the cave entrance.  
  12. On top of the large rock.
  13. If you glide towards the north from the nearest Teleport Waypoint, you’ll see the Electroculus below you. It’s close to a couple of Electro Mages. 
  14. It’s on the ground, next to the path. Watch out for the two Rifthounds protecting this Electroculus.
  15. Inside the strange rock formation (the altar-like structure, can’t miss it). 
  16. Inside the large cave. You can easily grab it if you jump down from the cliffs and use the glider.
  17. On the small rock in the middle of the pool. It’s surrounded by Slimes.
  18. Floating in the middle of the circular rock formation. Climb the rocks and jump down to grab it.
  19. If you stand inside the old arena and look in the direction of the Teleport Waypoint, you’ll see the Electroculus in an old stone doorway.
Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 2
  1. This Electroculus can be found on one of the tiny islands much further to the north. It’s on the west side of the island, floating next to a large rock formation.
  2. Floating high above the beach, use the nearby Electrogranum.
  3. Inside a Thunder Barrier on a tiny island. The Electrogranum is on another small island to the east. You have to kill the big Rifthound before you can use it. 
  4. It’s inside the crater, just below the small island with the Perch tree on top. It’ll be underwater when you first arrive here, but guiding the three nearby Seelies to their statues will solve that problem. 
  5. On top of the mountain, inside a Thunder Barrier. The corresponding Electrogranum is a little further to the south. Make sure you fly up as fast as possible, or the Electrogranum effect may end before you reach the Electroculus. 
  6. Start from the Teleport Waypoint, then glide down towards the northeast. You’ll see the Electroculus far below, inside another Thunder Barrier. The Electrogranum is right next to it.
  7. After entering the cave area beneath Shirikoro Peak (unlocked during ‘A Particularly Particular Author’), follow the path until you see the first round door. Turn left, and use the Peculiar Pinion Gadget (obtained in the later stages of the ‘Through the Mists’ Tsurumi Island World Quest) on the owl statue, then go through the opening in the stone wall. The Electroculus is behind the Thunder Barrier.
  8. The Electroculus is hidden behind the wall with the owl drawing. To remove the wall, use the Peculiar Pinion Gadget again. 
  9. The indicator on your mini-map can be very misleading, as this Electroculus location is actually far below ground. You can enter this area through the Shirikoro Peak caves (the Tsurumi Island World Quest ‘A Particularly Particular Author’ will lead you there). Just follow the caves towards the east until you see it.
  10. There are two Phase Gates connecting the cliffs in this area. Use them to pick up the Electroculus. You’ll come across them automatically while clearing the Tsurumi Island mist. 
  11. Above the water. You can use the Electrogranum to fly up, but you need to blow up the surrounding Electro mines first (ranged attacks are best).

Electroculus Location Seirei Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 3
  1. On top of the shrine gate.
  2. On top of the giant tree trunk, behind the shrine.
  3. Float down to the beach; the Electroculus is behind the large pile of rocks.
  4. Inside a Thunder Barrier (low level). Use the nearby Electrogranum.
  5. Floating just above ground, east of the large rock formation.
  6. It’s on the floating island with all the chests. The Seirai Stormchasers World Quest will take you there (can’t miss this one).
  7. Near a floating rock. You can reach this Electroculus location by gliding down from the Thunder Manifestation platform.
  8. Solve the tile puzzle inside the crater. This will drain the water. Jump in and look for the loose pile of rocks above the wall in front of you. The Electroculus is behind it.
  9. No need to solve the water puzzle for this one. You can simply float over the water and perform a plunging attack to grab this Electroculus.
  10. After draining the water and jumping down, defeat the Geo enemies and use the mechanism to drain it further. Then start opening the doors using the red, yellow, and blue mechanisms (this mainly involves a lot of going back and forth while switching the mechanisms) until you can enter the room with the Electroculus inside.
  11. If you start from the nearby teleport Waypoint, you can see it floating below a rock.
  12. You can reach this Electroculus location using the Phase Gate on the island to the north. The Seirai Stormchasers World Quest will take you there automatically.
  13. On the same floating island as the Teleport Waypoint (look for a slightly lower ridge).
  14. On a small floating rock; you can easily reach it if you glide down from the Teleport Waypoint.
  15. The Electroculus is floating high above the beach. You can glide down from the nearest Teleport Waypoint to get it.
  16. Use the nearby Electrogranum to enter the Thunder Barrier (no high Sakura Tree level required).
  17. On top of the floating rock. You may use the Electrogranum to fly up faster.
  18. On the Electrogranum, go to the beach on the northeast side of the island.
  19. Rotate and use the Phase Gate on the small island to the northwest.
  20. It’s on one of the floating rocks. You can either get it using the nearby Phase Gate or fly all the way from the Teleport Waypoint on the southside of Amakumo Peak.
  21. On top of the wooden platforms.
Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 4
  1. Go to the little island north of this Electroculus location, then use the Phase Gate to fly to Seirai Island and pick up the Electroculus along the way (you will fly right through it).
  2. You need to solve the puzzle on the deck first. Turn the steering wheels until they point to one another. Then jump down and enter the ship through the hole on the southeast side (there’s an Electrogranum nearby). Step on the tiles in the correct order. The last one is inside the Thunder Barrier; use the Electrogranum from outside the ship to enter. This will remove some broken floorboards. Go down and look for a Common Chest in the cracked floor (in front of the stone). Opening it will get you a key, which you can use to open the door in the same room. You’ll see the Electroculus a little higher up in front of you.
  3. On top of the mast. You can use the nearby Electrogranum or simply climb up and jump to get it.
  4. Inside the ship, you’ll see it on a hanging lamp just after entering.
  5. Surprise! You still have to solve some puzzles below ground. Start by solving the large tile puzzle on the lower floor of the ship. Then go through the new hole in the wall, then do the Relay Stone puzzle (use the Phase Gates to collect them). Use the Electrogranum to fly through the opening above your head; the Electroculus is very high up.
  6. On the wooden bridge.
  7. You’ll find an NPC named Fujiwara Toshiko a little further to the north (along the path). Rescue her from the Hilichurls, then accept the quest. Follow her to the nearby house and step on the three tiles in the correct order to open up the underground area; the Electroculus will be inside.
  8. Use the Electrogranum to fly straight up and grab the Electroculus.
  9. This one can be tricky; you need to use the Phase Gate next to the Koseki Village Teleport Waypoint (located a lot further west). Once you do though, you’ll automatically grab the Electroculus.
  10. Use the Phase Gate on top of the rock to the east.
  11. Look for a hole in the ground. The Electroculus is just inside, on the tree stump.
  12. Use the Electrogranum below to reach this Electroculus location.
  13. On the tree.
  14. Below the wooden platform.

Electroculus Location Watatsumi Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 5
  1. Just beneath the cliff’s edge.
  2. Also just beneath the overhanging cliff.
  3. First, you have to get rid of the water blocking the entrance to the Domain (solve the arrow puzzle, light up the Electro statues, then swim through the water and open the doors). Then you need to do the underground Electro puzzles (hit the Electro statues in the correct order and turn the Electro arrow mechanisms). You’ll find a Phase Gate in the rooms behind the small window; using it will take you to a (high level) Thunder Barrier. You can see the Electroculus floating behind it. 
  4. Look for the cave entrance (hole in the ground). The Electroculus can be spotted in the cave opening before you jump down.
  5. Hit every Electro square until all five of them face the Sangonomiya Shrine. Then take the nearby Electrogranum and land on the floating rock just beneath the Electroculus. Use the Thunder Sphere (this will take you upwards) to touch it.
  6. Just beneath the highest point of the cliff.
  7. Take an Electrogranum from the top of the rock formation, then glide down and enter the Thunder Barrier (requires a high level Sakura Tree).
  8. Between the two cliffs near the top (where they almost touch each other).
  9. Underneath a small ridge near the top of the waterfall. Can be a bit hard to spot if you approach from the direction of the southern cliff; just float down until you see it.
  10. Inside a cave southwest of Mouun Shrine. You can reach it from the beach, but the easiest way to get this Electroculus is by gliding down from the Statue of the Seven.
  11. Floating high up between the Sangonimiya residence roof and the giant pink shell. Easy to pick up if you float down from the Statue of the Seven.
  12. Behind the waterfall. Starting from the Teleport Waypoint, walk to the edge of the cliff and look down; it’s easy to spot.
  13. It’s beneath a pile of rocks (recognizable by its purple glow), very close to the water’s edge. Destroy the rocks to get the Electroculus. 
  14. Behind the waterfall. When facing them, you’ll see that the waterfall splits in two; the Electroculus is behind the stream on the right.
  15. It’s inside a secret cave. To unlock this Electroculus location, you need to do ‘The Moon-Bathed Deep’ World Quest. It’s unlocked by talking to Tsuyuko, located northwest of the Mouun Shrine on Watatsumi Island.
  16. The Electroculus is floating just beneath the large rock.
  17. In Bourou Village, look in the direction of the two houses. The Electroculus is beneath a wooden platform, easily visible behind the cart.
  18. Its floating at the top of the archway (beneath the big rock).
  19. Also beneath a large rock formation.
  20. Use the Electro Seelies or the Electrogranum to point the three arrows towards the Electroculus. A Thunder Sphere will appear west of the Electroculus location once you solve the puzzle; use it to float up.
  21. Use the Waverider to sail to this Electroculus location. If you position the Waverider beneath it and use the leave boat/float up function, you’ll be able to grab it. 

Electroculus Location Yashiori Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 6
  1. Near the water, on the hook.
  2. There’s an Electrogranum beneath this Electroculus; use it to fly up.
  3. Use the Electrogranum from the nearby crossroads to walk through the Thunder Barrier and get the Electroculus.
  4. Follow the two Electro Seelies on the stone serpent’s teeth to gain access to the underground area, where you’ll find the Electroculus right away.
  5. The Electroculus is floating between two large trees.
  6. It’s inside a large cave. You can enter from the southwest, then look for a small hidden area on the left side (there’s a blue Seelie floating in front). 
  7. Go to the top of the rock, then use the Electrogranum to activate the Thunder Sphere. Fly up to get the Electroculus.
  8. On a high ridge inside the cave.
  9. Floating high above the sea, glide down from the nearby cliff.
  10. Float down from the Teleport Waypoint. You can’t see it yet, but the Electroculus is just beneath an overhanging rock. 
  11. Just beneath an overhanging rock again.
  12. There’s a tiny cave opening you can see from the beach. The Electroculus is inside.
  13. Above the tree stump.
  14. It’s on a tiny island. You can get there with the Waverider.
Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 7
  1. Solve the puzzle on the island southeast of this Electroculus location. Just step on the platform, then step on each tile once, ending on the one with the blue haze. You can now use the Thunder Sphere to fly up and grab the Electroculus.
  2. On the highest part of the island, just walk over and get it.
  3. You can see it from the nearby Teleport Waypoint; it’s floating beneath the stone archway.
  4. On top of the rock, also easily visible from the nearby Teleport Waypoint.
  5. Use the Electrogranum on the slightly higher cliff, then float down through the Thunder Barrier (no Sacred Sakura upgrades required).
  6. On top of the large stone pillar.
  7. Next to the tent.
  8. Behind the small shrine.
  9. Climb the nearby rock and use the Electrogranum to get to the Electroculus (Thunder Sphere).
  10. Break the glowing wall to get an Electrogranum, then use the Thunder Sphere and go through the Thunder Barrier.
  11. Climb the cliffs south of the Domain. There’s a hole in the ground; the Electroculus is inside this cave entrance.
  12. On a rock next to the path, quite easy to spot.
  13. Use the nearby Electrogranum to go through the Thunder Barrier, then use the Thunder Sphere to fly up and reach the Electroculus.

Electroculus Location Kannazuka Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 8
  1. In the cave entrance, near the top.
  2. Near the top of the cave; look up after entering. It will take a lot of gliding and climbing to reach this one. This area is also part of the Tatara Tales World Quest area.
  3. Near the buildings on the higher cliffs (Tatara Tales area).
  4. Floating above Tatarasuna, you can get it by gliding from the nearby cliffs (green area on your map). This is still part of the Tatara Tales World Quest area.
  5. Inside one of the higher buildings (close to Electroculus location number 3). 
  6. Glide off the cliff towards the sea, and turn around. The Electroculus is on a high ridge, partly hidden by some bushes.
  7. Walk to the edge of the cliff and look down; the Electroculus is just below you in a tree.
  8. It’s inside a smaller cave (quite high) in the Tatarasuna entrance area (part of Tatara Tales).
  9. You need to complete the full Tatara Tales World Quest and collect the Tatara Arsenal Gate Keys first. Then open the gate to collect the Electroculus.
  10. On top of the Electro-infused tree. Easiest way to get it is by gliding down.
  11. Inside a cave that be entered from the beach or by gliding down from the cliff (there’s a hole in the middle). The Electroculus is on your right.
  12. On a small ledge near the top of the cave entrance. It’s just outside the Tatarasuna World Quest area but much easier to reach if you do that first.
  13. Inside the house on the rock (Tatara Tales World Quest area).
  14. It’s floating in front of the Shakkei Pavilion Domain. Complete Tatara Tales and use the Kamuijima Cannon to blast the rocks blocking the entrance.
Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 9
  1. Go through the Thunder Barrier using the nearby Electrogranum (Sacred Sakura upgrades aren’t necessary). It’s behind the wreck.
  2. In the wooden watchtower.
  3. It’s floating above the high rock. Solve the Electro puzzle and use the Thunder Sphere to fly up.
  4. On top of the shipwreck. 
  5. It’s between the two Thunder Barrier below. You need to solve the Relay Stone puzzle on the higher cliff to gain access.
  6. Next to the building, inside the tiny shack.
  7. It’s just below the water surface; simply get it by swimming.
  8. Top of the conch house.
  9. You need to solve three challenges and direct every Electro orb back to the Electrogranum to unlock it. These are the challenges:
    1. Combat challenge (nearby red mechanisms). Just defeat the enemies within the time limit.
    2. Electro square puzzle: hit them in the correct order to light up all the leaves.
    3. The arrow puzzle on the nearby island. Use an Electro Crystal to charge yourself, then walk back and point the three arrows in the same direction as the golden arrow on their base. 
  10. Between the glowing plants near the shrine. This area can only be reached by doing the Tatara Tales World Quest, started by talking to an NPC in the Kujou Encampment.
  11. It’s inside the stone tower, but beware of Electro damage. Grab the nearby Electrogranum and climb the stone tower as fast as you can (Tatara Tales area).
  12. Inside the cave, look for a tiny opening close to the roof (Tatara Tales area).
  13. Between two small rocks. A simple jump is enough to get this Electroculus.
  14. On top of the small wreck.
  15. You’ll see a huge ship. The Electroculus location is on top of the mast (although it’s harder, no Windcatcher required).

Electroculus Location Narukami Island

Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 10
  1. Floating on top of the rock. Climb the nearby tree and glide down.
  2. On the high part of the island, above the tree.
  3. Just above the water, beneath the stone bridge.
  4. This one is a bit tricky as the Electroculus location is underwater. Use the Electrogranum on the tiny island to fly up first, make sure you’re floating right above the Electroculus, then do a plunging attack.
  5. It’s on top of the Shogun castle. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get there without any help from high mobility characters like Keqing, Kazuha, or Zhongli, unless you use the Windcatcher. The Windcatcher can create an upwards current once you’re high enough. To reach the highest point possible without any aid, climb the lower building to the northeast first, and then float over (as high as you can). There’s a little opening at the front of the Shogun Castle you can use to climb up further. This will take you to the tiny building on top of the castle, where you need a special skill or Windcatcher to take the last hurdle.
  6. Glide down towards the south until you see the large cave entry. Go inside and stick to your right to find the Electroculus location.
Electroculus Location Genshin Impact 11
  1. Highest part of the island, climb the nearby tree.
  2. On the roof. This Electroculus is hard to get; you have to glide towards the rooftop from the top of the nearby tree (next to the Statue of the Seven) as the house can’t be climbed.
  3. On top of the large rock.
  4. It’s high up in the sky; use the nearby Electrogranum to get there (on top of the cliff). 
  5. Glide down from the cliff, the Electroculus is just below the edge.
  6. If you start from the Domain, use the Electrogranum to cross the boss arena, then turn right. 
  7. You need to use the Memento Lens on the three Kitsune statues.
  8. Floating above the island. You’ll get there during the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual (using the Memento Lens).
  9. Another Electroculus location you’ll reach during the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. Use the Memento Lens to open the cave, the Electroculus is floating in the opening.
  10. At the top of the tower ruin, next to the large tree.
  11. Underground, behind a medium strength Thunder Barrier. You need Sacred Sakura level 4 to enter.
  12. In front of the waterfall.
  13. Bypass the Thunder Barrier (the shiny purple Electro Barrier with the Ruin Guard behind it) by climbing over the stone entrance. Use the Electrogranum inside to get out after collecting the Electroculus.
  14. On top of the tree, next to the house.
  15. Go to the beach first; you’ll see a massive cave entrance. The Electroculus is at the end.
  16. It’s floating high in the air; either use the Electrogranum beneath it or glide down from the Grand Narukami Shrine Teleport.
  17. Behind the Thunder Barrier on the northside of the mountain, not far below the Grand Narukami Shrine. You need to use the Electrogranum on the nearby tiny floating island to pass the barrier. However, since we’re talking about a medium strength Thunder Barrier, you need a level 10 Sacred Sakura Tree before your Electrogranum is strong enough to pass. 
  18. On top of the Grand Narukami Shrine rooftop.
  19. Start from the nearby Domain, then go to the right. It’s next to the wooden boxes on your right hand side (just after crossing the broken bridge).
  20. It’s floating above the path northwest of Kamisato Estate.
  21. On the rock not far above the beach; you’ll a tree and some Kitsune statues there as well.
  22. Jump off the cliff east of the Kamisato Estate. The Electroculus location is between the rocks just above the waterfall.
  23. Inside the large hole (there’s a huge cave below ground). You’ll get there during the Yougou Cleansing World Quest.
  24. Top of the waterfall.
  25. Floating next to the mountain peak.
  26. In front of the abandoned shrine.
  27. Above Ioroi, the large stone bear statue in the forest.
  28. In the cage. You need the Rust-Worn Key from the bottom of the Konda Village well.
  29. On top of the rock.
  30. Bring the Seelies to the tiny island, the use the Thunder Sphere (the Electroculus is very high up).
  31. Above the house with the banners; first thing you see when using the nearby Teleport Waypoint.
  32. Inside the Konda Village well, part of the ‘A Strange Story in Konda’ World Quest. Before proceeding through the Thunder Barrier, go through the low opening on your right to find the Electroculus location.
  33. Also inside the Konda Village well; on your way out, just after passing the second Thunder Barrier, it’s floating above you.

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