Dyeing Mythic Costumes Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, do you want to dyeing mythic costumes? Read this post!

With the massive update on March 11th, various contents and systems have been added,

Many adventurers know and may be wondering.

We have prepared a guide to make your adventure more enjoyable and comfortable!

Shall we all go to find out how to dye the Shinhwa costume?

First, you must have all the parts for each set to dye the mythology costume.

After obtaining all 5 headdresses, face ornaments, mouth ornaments, back ornaments and costume

You can dye using dyes sold in [RO Shop]-[Hot Products].

If you use a dye, the screen above pops up and you can check the appearance that can be applied when dyeing.

If you touch the [Dye] button at the bottom right, the progress increases according to the probability.

When dyeing once, one of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 is applied depending on the probability and the intensity increases.

You can check the probability details by clicking the’?’ under the current progress number.

When the intensity reaches 100%, the [Dyeing] button is changed to the [Apply Effect] button along with the phrase of successful dyeing.

When the effect is applied, it changes to an appearance that can be seen on the dyeing screen.

However, when applying the effect, you must be wearing a mythical costume or storing it in a closet and applying the appearance.

If you touch [Apply Effect] while not wearing it or not storing it in the closet,

The same notification window as above is popped up, and when the [OK] button is touched, the corresponding mythological costume set is

It is automatically stored in the closet and the appearance and dyeing effect are applied.

If you have several myth costume sets and have already applied the dye effect,

If you touch [Apply Effect] of the Mythic Costume Set without the dye effect applied, the above notification window pops up.

When the [OK] button is touched, the dyeing effect is canceled for the myth costume set that was previously applied with the dyeing effect.

The dye effect is applied to the myth costume set that touches the [Apply Effect] button newly.

Decorate your own character more special by dyeing mythology costumes!

Thank you.