Dupe SSR Coins Guide 7DS Grand Cross

Dupe SSR Coins

Updated 3/6/20

If you get SSR dupes, save them for coin shop units

In Global’s Current State there are a number of different theories that could happen. Currently there is no coin shop units available and they will be released on banners as well as in the coinshop (we hope)

Coin Shop Unit Purchases

If you aren’t able to get a large amount of dupe coins and would like to strategically plan coin purchases over the 1st 1.5 months this is the priority list.

1) Red Gowther – Rank ups, Aoe Ult gauge remove, Aoe atk seal, can be used almost everywhere

2) Green Merlin – Ult gauge remove, shield,+1 ult gauge (passive), can be used almost everywhere

3) Green Ban – Aoe damage dealer,very good farming unit and incredible pvp unit on launch

4) Demonmark Meliodas – Very good for crimson demon,insane single-target dps

SR Coins

  • These are coins you may want to first use to upgrade SR Character’s ultimates for Supports.
  • SR Coins are primarily used to pickup new ssr’s & Dupe SSR Coins | SR Medals | SSR medals
  • You can also purchase SR – SSR Tickets to get a chance for more SSRS (not worth)

R Coins

Ap pots for stamina refills | SR Medals | SP Dugeon Keys

Friendship Coins

  • Buy only PVP Stamina | AP Potions | SP Dungeon keys

Credit : reddit.