Dungeon Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about Dungeon, what is dungeon? how to enter dungeon and types of dungeon. You want rare items? clear a dungeon!
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1) A Dungeon is an instanced area that’s different from regular fields you see in the game.

 – You must meet the specific requirements for each dungeon type: Solo, Party, and Clan.

 – They have their own exclusive entrance.

2) Rare items you can’t easily find in normal areas can be obtained in dungeons.

3) You must first create a dungeon to enter it.

 ① Party/Raid Dungeon

  – Dungeon instance can be created by Dungeon Managers in areas where the dungeon is associated with.

  – Depending on the dungeon type, you might need to be in a party or a raid party.

 ② Clan Dungeons

  – Clan Dungeons can be created by the Clan Leader or Advisor through the Clan Dungeon Manager.

4) You will need tickets to enter.

 ① Party/Raid Dungeon

  – A Ticket will be used upon entry. You can check the current progress of the dungeon on the screen before entering.

  – You can’t enter a dungeon that has already cleared all the way up to the final boss.

Dungeon Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

 ② Clan Dungeons

  – Tickets are necessary, but you have a limited number of entries a day for each clan dungeon, regardless of the difficulty.

  – The number of challenges you can do in a day will deduct when you create a Clan Dungeon.

5) There are various types of dungeons each requiring different entry methods.

Dungeon Types and How to Enter 

1) Solo Dungeon

 ① It’s a kind of dungeon you can enter at the final stage of a Step Quest.

  – You can only enter during Step Quest.

  – Step Quest becomes available when you complete an act of the main quest.

  – Completing the Step Quest of each act allows you to create or enter the corresponding dungeon or raid.

 ② It’s a quest dungeon, meaning you can only enter by yourself. No party or clan members are allowed.

 ③ Create a Solo Dungeon

  – Progress through the Step Quest.

  – Receive Dungeon Challenge Quest as the final task of the Step Quest.

  – Select the quest to move to a Dungeon Manager.

  – Talk to the Dungeon Manager to create an instance of the dungeon.

♠ Dungeon Managers for each act’s main quest dungeon are not located in the same place.

 ④ How to Enter Solo Dungeon

  – The Dungeon entrance is next to the Dungeon Manager.

  – The entrance will turn green from blue after the instance is created.

  – Enter the portal to enter the dungeon.

2) 4-Player Party

 ① Complete the Solo Dungeon through Step Quest to create or enter the party dungeon.

 ② Dungeon Entry Requirements

  – Complete the Step Quest of each act to create or enter the party dungeon.

Step QuestDungeon/Raid NameDifficultyArea
Complete Act 1 Step QuestBlackram South FleetNormalBamboo Village
Complete Act 2 Step QuestTomb of the ExilesYehara’s Mirage
Complete Act 3 Step QuestForgotten TempleBrightstone Occupation
Complete Act 4 Step QuestHeaven’s MandateZaiwei South District
Midnight Skypetal Plains
Complete Interlude Step QuestBlackram South FleetHeroicBamboo Village
Tomb of the ExilesYehara’s Mirage
Forgotten TempleBrightstone Occupation
Heaven’s MandateZaiwei South District
Midnight Skypetal Plains

 ③ Check Dungeon Info

  – Access from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Adventure] → [Dungeon].

  – Check the dungeon entrance location and info on dungeon, boss, and rewards.

  – Find Party: Look for a party to challenge the dungeon together with or create your own party.

  – Select the dungeon entrance button to move to the entrance.

④ Dungeon Creation

  – Move to the Dungeon Manager who can create a dungeon instance.

  – Each dungeon is located in different areas.

  – Create a dungeon through Dungeon Manager to turn the entrance green.

 ⑤ Dungeon Ticket

  – You can only enter dungeons if the ticket you have matches the name and the difficulty.

 ⑥ Can’t Join

  – You need to complete the necessary Step Quest to enter even if you have the corresponding ticket.

 ⑦  Auto Enter Dungeon (Repeat)

  – If you’re entering the dungeon by yourself, you can use the Auto (Repeat) play feature.

  – After you’ve completed all of the dungeon runs, you’ll exit out of the dungeon.

3) 16-Player Raid

 ① 16-Player Raid becomes available after completing Act 4 (Midnight Skypetal Plains) Step Quests.

 ② 16-Player Raid can take up to 16 players.

 ③ Select 16-Player Party creation button from the 4-Player Party to create a raid party.

 ④ Finding the entrance and creating the party is the same as 4-Player Party.

4) Clan Dungeon

 ① You can enter after joining a clan.

 ② Clan Dungeon Info

  – Tap the [Clan] from the main screen, then tap [Clan Dungeon].

  – Check Clan Dungeon list, entrance status, recommended stats, and reward.

  – Check the Clan Dungeon’s difficulty.

  – The Clan Leader or Advisor who created the dungeon can set the difficulty.

  – Dungeon Entrance: You can move to the clan dungeon’s entrance

♠ If your Clan Challenge count is 0, the entrance reset button will be available.

  Clan Leader or Advisor can reset the dungeon challenge count with Clan Coins.

 ③ Create a Clan Dungeon

  – Clan Dungeons can be created by the Clan Leader or Advisor through the Clan Dungeon Manager.

  – You can check your challenge count on the dungeon creation screen.

  – Create a dungeon instance through Dungeon Manager to turn the entrance green.

  – You can select a higher difficulty after completing the previous difficulty. 

④ Entering Clan Dungeon

  – You can enter through the activated entrance next to the dungeon manager.

  – Only members of the same clan as the clan leader who created the dungeon can enter the dungeon. 

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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