Dungeon Book Level 60 Doppelganger Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, Book Dungeon Level 60 Doppelganger Boss is easier than Book Dungeon Level 50 Ragnarok Origin.

You can easily clear Book Dungeon Level 60 if you already cleared Book Dungeon Level 50

If your team have low DPS then all boss room will be cover with area that bring your team damage.

Doppleganger have attribute weak to holy attack, if the priest have Aspersio skill and use it to the team member then it will deliver more damage to the Boss.

1. Bring High DPS
2. Avoid Doppelganger AoE (Red Zone) that spread all map. Use your eyes to see area that didnt turn red ( see video )

Below is the video guide Dungeon Book Level 60 Doppelganger. If the video didn’t show up please click HERE.

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