Doombringer Mage Lillia Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Hello friends, you must know that the new hero has been released on 19 May. Hurry claim it with the guaranteed SSR Mage Lilia step up event, and also claim the Spell of Ruination Costume Set.

Here’s an original hero for [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross]! Introducing… HP Attribute [Doombringer] Mage Lillia!

Mage Lillia Hero Details

[Ultimate Move: Star Link]

*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60 and does not include Costume stats. The Special Association displays at UR Grade. 

Guaranteed SSR [Doombringer] Mage Lillia Step Up Event

Here’s your chance to get [Doombringer] Mage Lillia guaranteed through this Step Up event!

■ Summoner Step Up Event

☞ Period: After the 5/19 maintenance – Until 5/26 (To be announced in a separate notice)

☞ Details:

– [Doombringer] Mage Lillia Rate Up

– A variety of rewards for each step!

[Rewards per Step] 

*Starts over at Step 1 after clearing Step 10.

[Loyalty Rewards] 

*Loyalty rewards can only be obtained once.

Give Lillia a charming new look! Introducing a very sorceress-like appearance!

■ Spell of Ruination Costume Set

☞ Costume 

☞ How to Purchase

1. Tap [Shop] at the bottom of the main screen (Tavern, World)!

2. Purchase from the [Events] tab in the [Sacred Treasure Shop]!

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