Converter Guide Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, can’t you catch monsters well? The monster is too powerful?

If so, give your equipment an attribute that is contrary to the monster and try hunting!

In this guide, I will tell you about converters.

▣Converter manufacturing

Converter manufacturing is only possible for the merchant class line.

Manufacturing consumes 1 steel and 8 attribute stones.

However, even if the converter is manufactured, there is a possibility of failure, so you must approach it carefully.

In the case of manufacturing probability, the manufacturing probability is based on dexterity and fortune status, job level and skill level.

I hope you will succeed in manufacturing by checking the figures of the items!

▣Converter purchase

There is no limit on the level of use of the converter.

Converters can be purchased through two channels.

Classes that are difficult to craft can be obtained through a valuables merchant or through a trading system.

When you go to meet the valuables merchant’Greta’, they sell converters.

The converter shop sells converters for the gear that adventurers can wear.

If you go to the class Sheep, you’ll see it only sell Qatar and Dagger converters.

You can choose the converter property you want and buy it for 400,000 Paradise Coins.

As an alternative, I’ll show you how to buy through a trading system that can be bought a little cheaper and cheaper.

You can select the converter for the equipment you want by clicking Trade> Stalls> Converter.

Sometimes it may be out of stock, so be sure to purchase the converters you need in advance!

Currently, there are a total of 8 converters, and 4 properties can be assigned.

Types include daggers, knuckles, blunt weapons, long swords, axes, spears, two-handed swords, and Qatar converters. The attributes can be given four attributes: fire, wind, earth, and number.

If you select the converter you want, all the same converters are on sale.

When you click the converter, all of its properties exist,

Check and buy to buy the right attribute converter!

▣Converter grant

To grant a converter, click the desired device and click [More]> [Convert Option].

Equipment can be given attributes through converter items.

Senia purchased a fire attribute longsword converter for Nagan’s weapon.

After putting the converter in the required material, you can give it weapon properties when used.

You can check the content of the converter granted above the job restrictions at the bottom of the content when clicking on the weapon.

The granted weapon has durability and can be used up to 600.

However, please note that durability does not accumulate when re-used while durability is present!

A converter that can give attributes to equipment!

Try a more powerful attack by receiving the attribute of the monster you want to hunt.

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