Class and Race Guide Blade & Soul Revolution

Classes on the Blade and Soul Revolution divided into four, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Force Master. And for the races Yun, Jin, Gon, and Lyn. Below are a little guide for the classes and races.

Blade Master

They have a wide range of attack and block skills.
A versatile, well-rounded class.
Available For Race: Yun, Jin
Class Difficulty: Average

Chained Skills – Shoulder Charge > Upward Thrust > Rising Eagle > Ascend

Slams into the target to stun and launch them airborne. Slashes them with a sword and drops them to the ground

Ultimate Skill – Storm Surge

Summons mirror images of a sword and launches them at the target.

Party Skill – Winged Protector

Summons blades to protect nearby party members.

Kung Fu Master

With their gauntlet weapons, they can counter incoming attacks and force their opponents into submission to render them defenseless.
Available For Race: Jin, Gon
Class Difficulty: High

Chained Skills – Flying Slam > Swift Strike > Cyclone Kick > Iron Butterfly

Quickly closes the gap between the target and follows up with powerful
fist attacks. Bleeds enemy with kicks and slams them to the ground.

Ultimate Skill – Eight Talons

Strikes the target with an 8-hit attack for a chance to weaken them
for a set duration.

Unique Skill – Grapple

Grapples a knocked-down enemy into submission.


Wielding a giant axe, they can grab staggered enemies and even protect themselves with iron armor.
Available For Race: Gon
Class Difficulty: Low

Chained Skills – Axe Sweep > Upward Block > Pile driver

Knocks the enemy down and launches them airborne. Slams them down to the ground with a powerful axe.

Ultimate Skill – Axe Frenzy

Assumes Ultimate Stance and spins the axe for a 15-hit attack.

Unique Skill – Grab

Grabs a knocked-down enemy and renders them immobile.

Force Master

They use chi to attack enemies at a distance, able to deal with multiple targets at once.
Available For Race: Lyn, Yun
Class Difficulty: Average

Chained Skills – Dragonblaze > Dragonchar > Dragonwhorl > Meteor Shower

Fires a powerful flame attack at the target and launches a blazing dragon
followed by a freezing ice attack and flaming meteorites from the sky.

Ultimate Skill – Sacred Flames

Jumps into the air with dragons of fire and ice and launches them at the target.

Party Skill – Frost Sheath

Grants Frost Sheath to nearby party members, encasing them in a prison of
ice when they’re attacked, protecting them from harm.

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