Clan Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about clan for new players. Create a new clan or join an existing one, and view information such as Clan Level and take part in activities such as Clan Check-In, and Donations!
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Creating or Joining a Clan

1. Creating a Clan

 ① If you aren’t in one, you can create a clan.

  – Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Clan] to create or join a clan.

 ② Tap Create a Clan to choose a Clan Name.

Clan Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

2) Clan Creation Settings

 ① The Clan Name can’t be used by another clan.

  – The Clan Name can’t be changed. Please choose carefully.

 ② Clan Introduction is a message to show others what the clan is all about.

  – A Clan Introduction isn’t required, but it’s recommended to compose a message if you want to recruit a lot of members.

  – Try introducing your clan by talking about its characteristics or goals.

  – This is a message that represents your clan. Please refrain from using foul language.

 ③ Detailed Settings

  – Open Recruitment: The Clan Leader doesn’t have to approve a member’s recruitment. The player immediately joins the clan upon requesting to join.

  – Selective Recruitment: The Clan Leader must approve the request to join.

  – Join Restriction: Sets a minimum level requirement for requests to join.

 ④ Create a Clan

  – Creating a clan costs Silver.

  – When the clan is created, you can change the Detailed Settings in Clan Info.

  – The Clan Name can’t be changed.

3) Disband Clan

 ① Disbanded clans can’t be restored.

 ② Only the Clan Leader can disband the clan.

2. Joining a Clan

1) If you aren’t in one, you can join a clan.

 ① You can only join a clan of the same faction you’re currently in.

 ② If you’re already in a Clan, you won’t be able to join another one.

 ③ Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Clan] to create or join a clan.

2) Joining a Clan

 ① Select Join Clan to join an existing clan.

 ② Clan List

  – View a list of Clans that are recruiting or a list ordered by Clan Ranking.

  – Tap “Only view clans with open recruitment” to view clans you can join immediately without approval.

 ③ Tap the magnifying glass icon in the Clan List to view Clan Info.

  – View the Clan Name, Clan Introduction, and Clan Level.

  – View the Clan Leader, Number of Clan Members, Clan Ranking, and Clan Honor.

  – Alliance/Hostile: View alliance/hostile status with other clans.

  – Enter Clan Hall: Visit the Clan Hall.

    However, you may only enter Clan Halls that are set to allow outside players.

  – Clan Members: View the members of the clan.

 ④ Request to Join

  – If the clan is set to Open Recruitment, you will join it immediately.

  – If the clan is set to Selective Recruitment, you will join when the Clan Leader approves your request.

 ⑤ Approve Request

  – Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Clan] → [Clan Info] → [Clan Members].

  – Select the Join Request menu to view the list of characters who wish to join.

  – Only the Clan Leader can see the Join Request menu.

  – Select a character to accept or reject their request to join.

  – You can also accept and reject requests all at once.

3) Rejoin a Clan

 ① After leaving your clan, you will be able to join another one after 3 hours.

  – This 3-hour wait becomes longer the more times you leave clans.

 ② If you want to join a clan in the other faction, you can leave your clan, change factions, and then join the desired clan.

Clan Info

1. Clan Info

 ① Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Clan] → [Clan Info].

 ② This menu is only available when you’re in a clan.

  – If you are not in a clan, selecting the Clan Menu takes you to the Create/Join Clan window.

2) Clan Status

 ① Clan Name: Name of the clan set when it was first established. It can’t be changed.

 ② Clan Settings and Buff Info

  – The Clan Leader has access to the Clan Settings icon.

  – Tap Clan Settings to change settings that were applied when the clan was established.

  – Choose whether or not outside players can enter the Clan Hall.

  – Tap the Buff Info icon to view the buffs applied to all clan members.

 ③ Clan Website Link

  – The Clan Leader can edit the Clan Website Link.

  – Register a link to share and set the Clan Website address.

  – Clan Members can copy the link by tapping the icon.

  – The copied link can be pasted and shared.

 ④ Clan Notice

  – The Clan Leader can set a Clan Notice.

  – Only clan members can view the Clan Notice.

 ⑤ Clan Introduction

  – The Clan Introduction can be seen by players who aren’t in the clan.

  – The Clan Leader can compose and edit introductory messages.

 ⑥ Clan Level

  – View the current Clan Level and XP.

  – As Clan Level increases, more members can be accepted and Clan Member Rankings become more varied.

 ⑦ Clan Leader/Number of Clan Members

  – View the name of the current Clan Leader and the number of Clan Members.

 ⑧ Clan Coins

  – Clan Coins are used to purchase furniture and items from the Clan Hall.

  – Obtain them through Clan Challenges and Donations.

  – Clan Coins can only be used by the Clan Leader. Clan Members can’t use them.

  – Clan Coins are used for Clan Hall and Furniture purchases, Clan Dungeon entry count resets,

    and various other types of content for all Clan Members.

 ⑨ Clan Ranking

  – View the Clan Ranking by Faction.

  – Clan Ranking depends on Clan Honor.

  – Clan Rankings are determined every month.

3) Clan Website

 ① When the Clan Leader first logs in, a Clan Website is generated.

 ② Tap the Clan Website button to enter.

 ③ The Clan Website can be accessed on PC as well.

4) Clan History

 ① View the history of the clan’s activities.

② Clan History is divided into 6 categories.

  – All: View the entire Clan History.

  – Growth: View the Clan XP and Clan Level increase history.

  – Donation: View Donation history.

  – Activity: View Clan Challenge and Clan Dungeon history.

  – Prize: View the Clan Leader’s prize history.

  – Diplomacy: View the clan’s Alliance/Hostile history.

5) Donations and Check-Ins

 ① Donate

  – Donate Silver to the clan.

  – Donated Silver is converted to Clan Coins and XP which are applied to the clan.

  – Donation count increases as Clan Level increases.

  – 1 Donation = 10,000 Silver

  – Acquire Clan Contribution based on the amount of donated Silver.

 ② Check-Ins

  – Check-In once per day.

  – Tap the Check-In button to check in.

  – Get rewards on the next day (after midnight) based on the number of members who checked in.

  – Tap the Check-In button again after checking in to view the Check-In status.

  – Check-In Status: View the number of clan members that have checked in and the previous day’s rewards.

  – Today’s Check-In: View the clan members who haven’t checked in yet.

  – Reward Info: View the reward depending on the number of members who have checked in.

6) Top 9 Clans

 ① The 9 highest-ranking clans from each Faction will be named as the Top 9 Clans.

 ② The Top 9 Clans receive various benefits.

7) Clan Hall

 ① Purchase the first Clan Hall upon reaching Clan Level 5.

 ② Get various Clan Buffs through the Clan Hall.

8) Clan Storage

 ① Rewards acquired from Clan Challenges and Clan Dungeons are placed in the Clan Storage.

 ② Items purchased from the Prize tab of the Clan Shop are also placed in the Clan Storage.

 ③ The Clan Leader can award the items inside the Clan Storage to the clan members.

9) Clan Members

 ① View the status of the clan members.

  – Sort the list in various ways.

 ② Select a clan member to view their character info.

 ③ The Clan Leader can set a clan member’s Rank by selecting them from the Clan Members menu.

     The Clan Leader can view a list of characters who have requested to join the clan through the Join Request menu.

  – Tap on a character to accept/reject the request to join.

  – Clan Settings must be set to Selective Recruitment to see the list of requests to join.

2. Managing Clan Members

1) Clan Member Rank

 ① Navigate to [Main Screen] → [Menu] → [Clan] → [Clan Info] and tap the Clan Members button to view.

 ② View the clan member’s character and info.

 ③ Tap the clan member’s character to change their Clan Member Rank.

  – Clan Member Ranks become more varied as Clan Level increases.

 ④ When choosing a clan member’s Rank, you can appoint them as the Clan Leader.

⑤ Select Kick to dismiss the clan member.

2) Appointing to Clan Leader and Auto Appoint

 ① Appoint members to Clan Leader when selecting their Rank.

 ② If a Clan Leader isn’t manually appointed, one will be automatically appointed in the following cases:

  – In the event that a Clan Leader hasn’t logged in for 7 days after the weekly reset (Mondays),

    the member with the highest Weekly Contribution who recently logged in will be appointed as the Clan Leader.

  – The member who logs in during the Clan Auto-Disband period will be appointed to Clan Leader.

 ③ The Clan Leader appointments can be viewed in Clan History.

3) Clan Invitation

 ① Tap the Friend List, Party Member List, or the character on the field to access the menu for clan invitations.

 ② Inviting a character to the clan sends an invitation to the selected character.

 ③ Once the invitation has been accepted, the character will join the clan.

 ④ You can’t invite characters that are in another clan or faction.

3. Disbanding and Leaving Clans

1) Disbanding the Clan

 ① The Clan Leader can disband the clan through the Clan Members menu in Clan Info.

  – Tap Disband in the Clan Members menu in Clan Info to disband the clan.

  – Disbanded clans may not be restored. Choose carefully.

  – Tapping on the button disbands the clan immediately.

 ② When the clan is disbanded, all Clan Storage items, Honor, Coins, XP, and the Clan Hall will all disappear.

  – The items and currency lost from clan disbandment can’t be restored.

2) Clan Disbandment Restrictions

 ① The clan can’t disband for 24 hours after creation.

 ② The clan can’t disband if it has an Alliance or Hostility.

 ③ If there is even one clan member remaining other than the Clan Leader, the clan can’t disband.

  – However, Clan Auto-Disband will take place.

 ④ The clan can’t disband if the Clan Dungeon is open.

3) Clan Auto-Disband

 ① If no one in the clan logs in for 30 days, the clan will automatically disband.

  – There is a 7-day waiting period for the Clan Auto-Disband,

    and the disbandment will be canceled if a clan member logs in during the waiting period.

  – The first clan member to log in during the Clan Auto-Disband waiting period will be appointed as the Clan Leader.

  – If no one logs in throughout the Clan Auto-Disband waiting period, the clan will disband.

4) Leaving a Clan

 – A clan member can leave the clan by tapping the Leave button in the Clan Members menu under Clan Info.

 – There is no waiting period for leaving a clan. Tap the Leave button to quit the clan immediately.