Character Affection / Hearts Guide Seven Deadly Sins GC

Character Affection

There are two types of character affection.

Why Should I Care about Unit Affection?

  • Free Cosmetics for stat upgrades & Gems / Diamonds

Why should I care about Character Tree Affection?

  • 5 Gems / Diamonds every 5 levels and 10 every 25 Levels.

Unit Affection

Each unit has an affection meter specific to that unit in general.

  • Rare Units require 12,000 Affection points to max
  • SR Units require 16,000 Affection Points to max
  • SSR Units require 20,000 Affection Points to max.

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Unit Affection Tiers

Each affection level has a number of tiers and progressively takes more Affection Points as it gets closer to lvl 5.

Rank 0-1 takes the least amount of points Rank 4-5 takes the most amount of points.

  • 1 Heart – Nothing that matters
  • 2 Hearts – Nothing that matters
  • 3 Hearts – 1 Gem
  • 4 Hearts – Nothing that matters
  • 5 Hearts – Costume Piece

How To Gain Unit Affection:

To gain unit affection you can only give a character their favorite food OR Vanya Ale / Affection Hearts.

Character Tree Affection

This type of affection is gained through using any character in a unit tree. For example Skinny king and fat king will have the same amount of Character Tree Affection as it is just for “KING”

There are only two ways of gaining character tree affection.

  • Gifts given to the character in the tavern / story town area.
  • Using the character for any quests.

How to gain more Affection Heart Spots.

  • Every Version of a character that you obtain will give you 1 Character Tree Affection Heart Slot
  • Every Unit Affection that is Maxed will give you 1 additional Character Tree Affection Heart Slot

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