Cat Top Reputation Medal Unlock Quest Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, Cat Top is a daily quest on Ragnarok Origin that you must do every day! Reputation Medal gift extra status when you upgrade it unlock at level 45.

There are seven medals that you can upgrade for extra status, four medals to upgrade character status and 3 medals to upgradr mercenary status.

Reputation Medal can be acquired by doing daily quest and from Reputation Medal Box. Reputation Medal Box have a daily limit usage. If you only depend on the Reputation Medal Box to upgrade Medals without doing daily Cat Top quest you will lose to the other player.

So, doing daily Cat Top Quest and bought Reputation Medal Box from RO Shop will be make your character more powerfull.

Before you can do the daily Cat Top Quest, you must at level 45 and clear the unlock quest. Talk to NPC Cat at Alberta to take the unlock quest.

After you take the unlock quest, you will be given a task to hunt Marine Sphere at byalan dungeon level 2 and collect five items from Marine Sphere.

After collecting all the items, back to the Cat NPC at Alberta. Congratulation you can now upgrade the seven medals.

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