Book Dungeon Level 50 Normal Ragnarok Origin Guide ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, this is how to clear Book Dungeon level 50 Normal Ragnarok Origin.

This book dungeon have quota twice a day and eight times a week, clear this dungeon you will get level 50 blueprint tickets. So you must clear book dungeon everyday to upgrade your equipment.

Book Dungeon Level 50 Normal Ragnarok Origin guide

If you want clear Level 50 Book Dungeon, your character must have 4K++ aHP to avoid one hit die from Boss monster Drake.


1. Consume Onigiri *3 (buff max HP)

2. Bring high DPS.

3. Bring sanctuary and resurrection priest.

4. Remove debuff (check on video).

5. Avoid red zone.

Make sure your teammates already know the tactics for clearing Level 50 Book Dungeon Normal mode Ragnarok Origin.

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