Book Dungeon Level 50 Drake Ragnarok Origin NA Guide

Hello friends, book dungeon level 50 Drake its almost impossible to clear if you just got leveled up to 50. Ragnarok Origin have system similar to the Ragnarok Online PC, you must build your equip and clear dungeon with other players.

Book Dungeon Level 50 Drake Ragnarok Origin Guide | 라그나로크 오리진

Book dungeon level 50 Drake boss required character with a lot of health point (HP) because you will die instantly when Drake use his Area of Effect (AOE) skill if you character health point (HP) below 3500.

You can watch our video clearing Book Dungeon Level 50 Drake Boss below.

Book Dungeon Drake Boss Tricks

Drake Boss have three phases, what it is?

  1. First phase, Drake will attack and cast debuff on random team member. I suggest let only Priest take up the item to remove debuff, if other member got debuff just die and get resurrected by Priest.
  2. Second phase, Drake will go into unconscious mode, he will not attack but summon a lot of minions. Gather on one spot with stacked Sanctuary and Safety Wall cast by Priest.
  3. Last phase, Drake go into berserk mode he will attack and use debuff like on the first phase. Also he will launch Area of Effect (AoE) skill. Burst your DPS to kill Drake because if your team DPS not enough to kill Drake in this last phase, i guarantee your team will be wipe out.

Tips :

  1. Use minimum blue equip lv. 50
  2. Use Max HP Buff food (Onigiri*3)
  3. Use Vit Buff potion
  4. Bring Priest, Tank, High DPS

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