BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update

Hello friends, this is Blade & Soul Revolution maintenance update,

The server maintenance is scheduled on 06/25/2020 06:00 (UTC+8).

◈ Schedule
 -Maintenance Period: 06/25/2020 (Thursday) 06:00-11:00 (UTC +8)-Dungeon
 & Marketplace Closure: 05:40 (UTC +8)

※ Please log out before the maintenance begins in order to protect your character data.

※ Please note that the maintenance schedule is subject to change.

◈ Details

 1.The new Summoner Class will be added.

 2. Occupation Battle will be added.
 3. The new War Zone “Ruins of Resent” will be added. 
 4. The new Faction Battlefield “Razorwing Ravine” will be added.
 5.Other issues and errors will be fixed to improve the gaming experience.

 6. New events will be added. 

 7. Hongmoon Training Event and Hongmoon Dungeon Event will end.

 ※ Please note that Hongmoon Coins will expire after the 6/25(Thurs) server maintenance.

    Be sure to use them before the event ends.

 8. Sales of some of the in-app purchases will end.  

 9. New Servers Open


   -BSR219 (TH)

   -BSR307 (ID)

   -BSR415 (EN)

[Commodities that will be no longer be available for sale]

PremiumSuperior Full-Set Bundle
[EVENT] Hongmoon Training Dungeon Bundle
Faction Conquerors Bundle
Bundle-SpecialFaction Initiate’s Bundle
Heroic Accessory Bundle
Heroic Accessory Chest
PVP Infernal Soul Shield Chest
Lucky Silver Chest
[EVENT] Hongmoon Training Dungeon Chest
Bundle-Hongmoon PassExpert Pass
Expert Plus Pass
Utility-PotionsShare Bundle

※ Update details will be posted in an additional announcement.

Blade and Soul Revolution Major Update

The first major update is finally coming your way on 06/25 (Thursday). 

The new Summoner Class will be introduced through this update.

Additionally, the eagerly awaited new Battlefields and Dungeon Ticket Fragments will arrive!

Please check out the details below for more information.

◈ 6/25 Update Preview

  1   New Summoner Class will be introduced! 

The long-range Summoner Class, along with their summoned Familiars, are arriving to dominate enemies with the power of nature!

They create attack chances for their party members by summoning their Familiars while utilizing support skills

to heal their party members’ HP or revive dead party members.

Why don’t you take this chance to enjoy dynamic party play in various settings with the arrival 

of the new Summoner Class?

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 1
BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 2

  2    New Clan Content “Occupation Battle” will be added! 

Occupation Battle is a Clan exclusive content played out between Clans to compete to occupy each Area.

The winning Clan takes control of the corresponding Area for a week. 

The Clan that wins the Occupation Battle earns Clan Coins and Clan Honor, plus a Stats increase as rewards.
They can also set the price of buffs sold in the Occupation Area and exchange the revenue earned for Clan Coins.

Clans can register to participate in the Occupation Battle from 00:00 (Every Monday) to 24:00 (UTC+8, Friday).
This battle takes place across all Areas at 22:00 (UTC+8) every Sunday. 

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 3

(The corresponding image is given as an example.)

  3    The new “Ruins of Resent” Disputed Territory will open!

The new “Ruins of Resent” Disputed Territory where you can earn the Faction Points will open.

Ruins of Resent is located on the Moonwater Plains continent and can be accessed after completing the Interlude Main Quest (Act 9: Highwater).  It’s a War Zone where Lv. 220 Monsters appear and you can earn

Faction Points as well as Ruins of Resent Reputation once you defeat the opposing Faction’s Monsters.

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 4

  4    New Faction Battlefield “Razorwing Ravine” will be added! 

The new Faction Battlefield “Razorwing Ravine”, where Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion can fight 

a mega-scale war will be added. It opens during the Faction War and Faction Ranks ranging from Warrior

to Grand Master are able to enter it.

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 5

  5    Heroic Fragment & Dungeon Ticket Fragment will be added! 

Heroic Fragments that can be traded for Heroic Weapons will be added.

 – You can craft Heroic Chests with Heroic Fragments through the Equipment Merchant in each town.

 – You can obtain Radiant Heroic Weapons and Equipment using Heroic Chests. 

Dungeon Ticket Fragments that you can use to craft a Dungeon Ticket will be added.

 – Visit the General Merchant in any town to craft the Dungeon Tickets you want with your Dungeon Ticket                             Fragments.

   [Heroic Fragment]     [Normal Dungeon Ticket Fragment]   [Heroic Dungeon Ticket Fragment]

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 6
BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 7
BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 8

  +    In celebration of the new Summoner Class, various events are coming your way!

We have prepared various events, including Cat Coin Campaign, where you can obtain Radiant Heroic Equipment as well as a daily login event where you can get your hands on a bunch of rewards by simply logging in

These are all to celebrate the new Summoner Class update!

Don’t miss out!

           [Cat Coin]

BnS Revolution Maintenance Major Update 9

Stay tuned for the Blade & Soul Revolution’s first major update!


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