Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja

Hello friends, this is Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja. Dragon raja has 4 class currently : Blademaster, Gunslinger, Assassin, Soul Dancer.

Why you should choose blademaster?

Because cool and unique, unlike the other game, blademaster has 3 elements in their sword (Fire, Ice and Thunder)

Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 1



  1. Many cc skills
  2. Tanky


  1. Melee class abit hard to play in 3D game, other class may outplay you easily using dodge and stealth skills.

After playing for 1 month in US server, i have recommendations for all people who want to play as blademaster.

There are 3 typical blademaster build :

  • Berserker
  • Warrior
  • Knight

I don’t recommend ‘berserker’ build, because if you really like to play as damager, you can choose to be assasin instead of blademaster.

This build is ‘warrior’ build, more balanced build which will optimize blademaster’s potential.

Stat Attributes

Blademaster main attributes are :

  • P.atk (Physical Attack)
  • AP (Physical Penetration)
  • Fire Attack (Enhance Blademaster’s skill damage)

Elemental attack doesn’t give or enhance your effect (Burn, Freeze, Shock). It only affect your skill damage and blademaster core skill is Fire element, so it useless to increase other element.

Blademaster’s main stats are :

  • STR

You may choose and prioritize stats,

example: p.atk > ap > hp > p.def > m.def > cdr > fire attack > earth def > water def

Elemental defense, why you need it?

Elemental defenses give you resistance from enemy’s elemental attack, for example you fight an assasin, you will need earth defense.

Because elemental attack affect only to your skills, elemental defense also will affect enemy’s skill damage.

I prefer to choose earth def and water def to fight assasins and soul dancer which heavily depends on skills.

I prefer AP than critical or multistrike because blademaster attack speed is not as good as gunslinger, so critical chance won’t be so high.

Multistrike only affect your basic damage, not your skill damage, so it will be useless in pvp or war.


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 2

Fire gem gives STR

Water gem gives INS

Earth gem gives CON

Wind gem gives DEX

Warrior build (recommended)

9 Fire — 5 Water — 2 Earth

Gear Enhancement

Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 3

I prefer to enhance :

Meitou blade — P.atk, M.def and CDR

Katana handle — P.atk, AP


Light pet : focus on our character


  • AP buff
  • P.def buff
  • M.def buff
Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 4

Currently i choose AP buff and p.def buff.

AP buff can increase your AP based on pet AP. So you may want to buy pet chip to increase pet AP, so buff will increase more AP to your character.

P.def buff can increase your p.def based on pet p.def, so buy pet chip to increase pet p.def.

You can get around 6k p.def from pet.

Dark pet : focus on enemy character

The difference between light pet and dark pet is, dark pet’s skill only based on p.atk and m.atk.


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 5

When you reach lv.75, you may want to get as many as emblem you can. They can double your additional stats from your equipments.

You may get emblem from daily events or buy in store.


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 6

This is my skill set, my combo is :

Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 7

Use moon shatterer if your opponents is attacking you from range while you’re in odachi form. It will charge and knock your opponent down, useful to counter attack gunslinger.

Flash is necessary skill to charge your enemy if they are flee or keep distance from you.

Blizzard is blademaster best pvp skill. It can freeze your enemy.


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 8

This is my recommend talent for pvp war purposes.

B-Level talent, many people prefer talent that enhance void skill rather than new life. But i prefer new life to maximize sakura slay.

Sakura slay is your nuke skill, and it also can charge toward enemy. So it essentially more useful than you run using void to get closer.


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 9

Oberon is a must for PVP because it can make us immune from crowd control / effects.

For attacking EX, i haven’t find best one, but currently im using thunderclap (damage is nice and cooldown is considerable)


Blade Master Guide Dragon Raja 10

I suggest you to donate your gold to club since beginning. Your club points can be used to redeem D-chipper to enhance this sigil.

If your budget is limited, you may choose which one is priority for you.

STR is a must and better than P.Atk here.


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