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Hello friends, did you know Berus Core? Today we want share our knowledge about Berus Core.

With Berus Core your character can be a little stronger, let’s take a look at the Berus Core ! 

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Berus Core Unlocked Level 55

Berus Core can be unlocked when your character Base Lv. 55  achieved ,  [ Behrooz core ]  completing quests.

How to use Berus Core

Tap [ Bag ] and Berus Core located in the lower center character, see picture below.

You can use it by clicking the [Install] button of the desired gear in the Berus Core window.

How to acquire Berus Core Gear

We will guide you in detail below on eleven ways to acquire Berus Core Gear! 

01 . You can get it with a certain probability when you rescue Debiruchi .

02 . It can be obtained with a certain probability in extreme challenges .

03 . It can be obtained with a certain probability from Endless Tower .

04 . It can be obtained with a certain probability when hunting various MVP bosses .

05 . Achievement  –  You can get it as a reward when you achieve Challenger III .

06. It can be obtained with a certain probability through the request content.

07. It can be obtained through the BINGO event.

08. You can obtain it as a login reward, attendance reward, and level package reward.

09. It can be obtained through the return event.

10.  [RO shop ] – [ Car Market chyuah secrets ] in the  ” gear drawing ”  items  Jenny ‘s available to purchase .

11. [RO shop ] – [ Car Market chyuah secrets ] in the  ‘ Draw advanced gear ‘  Items  Nyan Actinidia am available to purchase .

Berus Core Gear Explanation

The Berus Core Gear when mounted, the skill on its Gear will be active.

Every each Berus Core Gear have a different skill, and every skill have level.

You can mount up to three Berus Core Gear.

The first slot is  Base Lv. 55,  the second slot is  Base Lv. 60,  the third slot is  Base Lv. 65.

Berus Core Gear Rating

Gear  A ( amber ), B ( violet ), C ( blue ),  a total of  three sorted by rating .

And the fact that the weight varies according to the grade !

The weight of grade A ( orange )  is  5-6,

The weight of grade B ( purple )  is  4-5,

C ( blue )  weight grades  3-4 !

Berus Core Gear Lifespan

When gear is first acquired ,  all gear classes have the same  lifespan of 30 days .

Gears that start to run out of life after initial wear and start to run out of life cannot be stored in the warehouse  .

If the life of the gears being mounted is exhausted it will automatic turn off ,

Gears that have reached the end of their life cannot be refitted .

However, you can increase the life of your gear by using lubricant items!

After clicking the gear that has run out of life in [ Bag ] , 

[ More ] – [ Maintenance ] in the  ‘ lubricant ‘  consumption items by increasing the service life of the gear it is mounted again, reminiscing possible .

A ( amber )  –  Advanced lubricant  /  B ( purple )  –  Intermediate Lubricants  /  C ( blue )  –  Beginner lubricants

*  Lubricant can be purchased from  [ Deal ]-[ Store ] with Jenny !

Berus Core Gear Reset Skill

After clicking the gear item in [ Bag ] , you can reset the gear from [ More ]-[ Reset ] .

To reset Berus Core Gear its consume Steel Titanium.

[A ( orange )  -high grade steel titanium  / B ( purple )  -intermediate grade steel titanium  / C ( blue )  -beginner steel titanium ]

*  Beginner and Intermediate Steel Titanium can be obtained during Extreme Challenge and  MVP  monster hunting .

Gear  skill  is changed randomly ,  and for lifespan ,  the weight ,  do not change !

 Berus Core Gear synthesis

After clicking the gear item in [ Bag ] , you can synthesize gears from [ More ]-[ Composite ] ,

Please note that only gears of the same grade can be synthesized !

–  General Synthesis :  2 gears can be synthesized to one gear to obtain the same level as the gear skill random .

 :  Changed value  –  skill ,  number of skills ,  weight ,  lifespan

–  safety synthesized : 4  gears with 2 skills can be synthesized to one gear, obtain gear with 2 skills random of the same grade

 :  Changed value  –  skill ,  weight ,  lifespan

-After synthesis, the lifespan is reset to 30 days.

-If the number of combinations exceeds 150 when synthesizing a gear with two gears as a material  

  For each composition, there is a 0.3% chance to obtain a gear of less weight.

If the number of combinations exceeds 150 when synthesizing a gear with 4 gears as a material,

  For each composition, there is a 4.54% chance to obtain a low weight gear.

Be careful when installing gears!

1. You can install it by clicking the [Install] button of the desired gear in the [Verus Core] window!

2. Three gears can be installed, and the total weight of the gears cannot exceed 14!

3. After the gear is first installed, the life of the gear starts to decrease!

So far ~  We have looked at the Berus Core !

Did you understand well ~?

Thank you for reading our Ragnarok Origin Guide, Berus Core Ragnarok Origin Guide.