Beginner Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution beginner guide, if you want play this game, you must read this beginner guide. It helps you understand the flow of the game basic.
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Managing Stamina

1) Changes to Stamina value lead to slight differences in overall status.
 ① Try keeping stamina at Medium or higher. More rewards are available during hunting if stamina is recovered beforehand.
  – Buffs that increase miscellaneous XP Gain won’t negatively affect how much Stamina is consumed, even if XP Gain is increased.
 ② Upon Stamina reset, only 60 points of the remaining 200 stamina to recover can be used to reach Medium status.

2) Pets that can decrease stamina consumption can be summoned.
 – The Pet Pod meter will decrease when a Pet is summoned. Use a Pet Pod item to restore the meter. 

3) Stamina is only recovered in Villages, Clan Halls, and when the character is offline. Stamina recovery is automatic when a character steps into a village or the Clan Hall.
 – Stamina will be deducted from the stamina gauge. Using an Incense Burner in the Clan Hall will speed up Stamina recovery.

Character Strengthening

1) There are missions for each Reputation Rank. Completing these missions will increase your rank, and you can receive stats as rewards.

 2) Learning Passives or increasing passive levels will increase character stats.

 ① Essences of Passivity and Silver are required to learn or level up Passives. 

 ② New passives are available upon reaching specified character levels.
  – The passives menu unlocks at Lv. 20.
  – Specific passives can be learned upon reaching Levels 50, 100, 150, and 200.


1) Equipment stats will be applied to the character when equipped.
 ① There are various options available for equipment: Reforge Options, Special Options, Set Bonuses, etc.
 ② Reforge Options can be changed via reforging equipment, and the number of changeable options differs based on equipment grade.

  ③ Special Options activate when equipment is enhanced to +10 or higher.

 ④ Set Bonuses activate when multiple items in a particular set are equipped at once. (Accessories / Soul Shields) 

2) There are different attributes for each type of equipment, such as PvP, Attack, Defense, and Hunt types. Choose equipment to match your current goal.
 ① Each attribute type has different options and base stats.

♠ Utilize equipment attributes and options to match your current goals efficiently. 

Things to Enjoy

1) Faction Battlefields and Disputed Territories offer PvP on a greater scale, where factions can fight against each other.
 ① You may choose a Faction after completing The Call of the Warring Factions quest.
 ② Obtain Faction Points through these faction battles and increase your Faction Rank.
  – Different stat buffs are available based on Faction Rank.

Buff TypeInitiateNoviceDiscipleDevoteeWarriorSavantAsceticChampionMasterGrand Master
Attack Power2029435779103150230430
Crit DefenseX5070100140170210240270340
PvP Attack Power50701001401902502605501,030
Critical Hit70100150200250300350400500
PvP Defense5808201,2401,6502,0602,4702,8903,3004,120

 ③ Obtain various items by processing the Soulstones you get from the Faction Battlefield and Disputed Territories.

2) Enjoy activities exclusive to Clans.
 ① Place furniture in the Clan Hall to grant buffs to all clan members.  

 ② Additional quests are only available for Clan Members! Take on Clan Challenges.
 ③ Clan Dungeons are exclusive and only available to members of a clan.   3) Experience the thrill of conquering dungeons!
 ① Dungeons can be entered after completing Step Quests.
 ② Step Quests are available between acts of the Main Quests.    
 ③ Dungeons have higher grade equipment and equipment designs compared to normal fields.

4) Rewards are available for defeating Field Bosses. – Items and Reputation can be obtained by defeating Field Bosses, located in certain areas out in the field.  

5) Fight to prove your strength in the Arena through Solo (1v1) and Team (2v2) Matches.


1) Equipment can be purchased through the Shop.        
 ① 1 of every 50 summons from the Prize Board in the Shop guarantees a Heroic grade piece of equipment. 
 ② Equipment can be purchased from the Weapon Merchant in villages. Superior grade equipment will sometimes be available for purchase.     
2) Various outfits, equipment, and items can be crafted through Village Merchants by using Designs and crafting materials.
 ① Healing Tonics can be crafted from herbs that can be gathered from fields.
 ② Outfit Designs and crafting materials can be used to craft outfits that characters can wear.    
 ③ Equipment Designs and crafting materials can be used to craft equipment.    
♠ Designs can be obtained by defeating dungeon or hidden bosses.     

Frequently Asked Questions

   Where’s the best place to hunt?

 ① Use the World Map to preview the major items that are obtainable in these areas.
    Select which area to hunt in based on the items you need.
 ② Go on the repeatable quests in each area to hunt and for additional quest completion rewards.

Q1) What equipment should I use?        
 – Using equipment with PvP-centric attributes is advantageous for PvP content like Faction Wars and the Arena.    
 – Hunt-type equipment is advantageous for hunting in fields. Check equipment attributes by looking at the item descriptions.

Q2) My Stamina’s low. What do I do?

 – Dungeon Completion rewards are available even when stamina is at 0.    
 – Quest Completion rewards are also available even when stamina is at 0.            
Q3) Are there limits to each type of in-game content?        

 – Dungeons: Unlocked when applicable Step Quests are completed    
 – Faction Battlefield: Unlocked upon completing The Call of the Warring Factions quest and when a Faction has been selected    
 – Arena: Unlocked after Character Level 25    
 – Skills: Unlocked upon completing the Captain Dochun quest and after Character Level 15    
 – Passives: Unlocked after Character Level 20    
 – Timed Missions: Unlocked after Character Level 27    
 – Hongmoon Training Area: Unlocked after Character Level 13  

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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