Assassin Skill Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, We want to share about Assassin Skill Ragnarok Origin. Soon we will share how to build Assassin DPS, lets get started.

Sonic Blow Lv.1
Use Katar to quickly attack an enemy to
ATK 440%+50 Inflicts non-attribute physical damage, and also gives the target a stun effect for 2.5 seconds with a 12% chance.
CRI is doubled when equipped with Katar
Class Weapons
Cast Time: None
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption :8
Cast Delay :2.0s

Katar Mastery Lv.1
Increase ATK damaged inflicted with
Katar Class Weapons by 5.
CRI is doubled when equipped with Katar
Class Weapons

Sonic Knife Skill Lv. 1
Sonic Knife skill damage 1% increase
When reaching the highest level, remove the penalty for medium/large monsters of the
Sonic Knife
Requirements: Assassin Sonic Knife Lv.5

Sonic Acceleration Lv.1
Increases the Sonic Blow HIT by 10% and
Damage by 1%.
Requirements: Assassin Sonic Blow Lv.5

Enchant Poison L.1
Changes your weapon’s attributes to poison attributes for 30 seconds. ATK 6
Increases and deals physical damage for a duration of 3% chance to inflict a poison effect on the target Lasts 10 seconds, and if the target’s HP is reduced to 35%, the poison effect will not be granted again.
The probability and duration of the poison effect are affected by the target’s VIT and
Cast Time: None
Cooldown: 1.0s
SP Consumption: 20
Cast Delay: 1.0s

Venom Dust Lv.1
Up to 10 monsters in the designated range 110 % Poison property physical damage is inflicted and poison effect is applied to monsters within the range. 5
Lasts for seconds, and the target’s HP is 35 When it decreases to %, the poison effect is eliminated.
The probability and duration of the poison effect are affected by VIT and LUK/there can be up to 5 at the same time.
Cast Time: None
Cooldown: 1.0s
SP Consumption: 12
Cast Delay: 1.0s
Special Consumption:Red Gemstones1
Requirements: Assassin Enchant Poison Lv.5

Venom Splasher Lv.1
Turns target into a poison bomb. If the skill is successful, the target explodes after 5 seconds and takes a poson property hit at an ATK of 550%. Up to 10 nearby monsters are affected with the explosion. if the target is given a poison effect during casting, it inficts damage immediately.
Cast Time: 0.49s (0.20s+0.29s)
SP Consumption: 10
Cast Delay : 1.0s
Special Consumption: Red Gemstone1
Requirements: Assassin Enchant Poison Lv.5

Grimtooth Lv.1
Designate a single target for enemies in the distance, target up to 10 monsters in the vicinity. 120 %+ 30 Inflicts non-attribute physical damage
Non-mini, MVP type monster Reduces movement speed by 50%. Lasts 1 second.
A Qatar-type weapon must be equipped/cast in stealth state/cannot be released from stealth state/deceleration effect does not apply to other characters
Cast Time: None
Cooldown : None
SP Consumption: 6
Cast Delay : Affected by ASPD (Higher AGl yields shorter Cast Delay.)
Requirements: Thief Hiding Lv.5
Requirements: Assassin Sonic Blow Lv.5

Both hands training Lv.1
Sub-weapons other than the main weapon can be equipped, and only the 63% attack power of the weapon’s attack power is applied when paired.
After learning the skill, you can equip auxiliary equipment with a dagger-type weapon. Attack power increases with skill level

Sonic Knife Lv.1
Inflicting multiple attacks on a single target in an instant 270%+30 Deals non-attribute physical damage.
You must equip a dagger-type weapon.
Cast Time: None
Cooldown: None
SP Consumption:5
Cast Delay : 2.0s
Requirements: Assassin Both hands training

Hiding Research Lv.1
Uses damage-based skills to remove stealth effects and increases damage by 6%. [Venum Splasher] is not subject to the effect of the research.

Back Slide Hiding Lv.1
Quickly step back and evade the attack and enter stealth.
Requirements: Thief Back Sliding Lv.1
Requirements: Assassin Hiding Research

That’s all, we will update about Assassin build soon. Thank you.

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