Arena PVP Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution guide about arena pvp, how to enter arena? arena rules. The Arena is content where players compete against each other to test their might regardless of their faction. Prove your might in the Solo Match (1 vs 1) and the Team Match (2 vs 2)!
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1) Arena has two modes; a Solo Match is for 1 vs 1 battle, and a Team Match is for 2 vs 2 battle.

 ① Solo Match: Players can request to find a match without creating a party.

  – Two players fight against each other in 1 vs 1 battle.

 ② Team Match: Two players form a team to fight against another team of two.

  – Players can create a party to request a Team Match. Players are also able to form a team with a random player and start a team match.

  – One player can engage in a battle at a time. Tap a Tag icon to select a player to fight.

2) The Arena can be unlocked after a character reaches a required level.

3) The equipment on characters will remain the same when they enter the Arena.

4) The Arena is season-based. Season ranking rewards are available based on your Arena Points.

5) For first time participants, there will be 5 matches to set the character ranking.

6) A Stat buff is applied during Arena battles to reduce the gap between players.

 ① All stats are halved and HP changes to 500,000.

 ② HP Recovery and % Increase options are not applied to buff stats.

 ③ HP buffs are applied only during Arena battles.

 ④ Character HP is shown as 0% in the Arena.

 ⑤ Buffs of some Elixirs and Aura items won’t be available in the Arena.

♠ However, the duration of the buffs will deplete normally.

How to Proceed

1) Access from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Battlefield] → [Arena].

2) How to Enter

 ① Tap the Solo Match or the Team Match to find a match.

  – The Solo Match is not available when a character is joining a party.

  – If players enter the Team Match without creating a party, they will form a team with a random player.

  – If players enter the Team Match as a party of two, a party leader can request to find a match.

  – If a party is disbanded or a party member leaves a party, the search will be canceled.

  – If the match search isn’t complete within a certain time, the search will be canceled.

 ② A pop-up window will appear when a match is found. Tap to confirm and enter.

  – Tap decline to cancel the match.

 ③ All players should accept the match to enter the Arena.

3) Arena Waitroom

 ① Arena participants will enter the waitroom when they’re matched with opponents.

 ② Use the Quick Battle Settings to change Equipment, Soul Shields, Pets, Skill, Variants.

 ③ Participants can wait up to 30 seconds. All participants will move to the battlefield when the wait time is up.

  – Participants will immediately move to the battlefield when all participants tap the ready button.

4) Arena Battlefield

 ① The battle starts 5 seconds after the entrance.

 ② One character from each team will fight in the battlefield for the Team Match.

  – A character will be replaced when a character enters a Near-Death state, or a player taps the Tag button.

  – Tagging is available up to 2 times.

  – Characters who are not battling can enter the battlefield to fight with a teammate by tapping the Interfere button.

  – Interfering is available for up to 10 seconds.

  – Each character can interfere a battle up to 3 times.

  – A character who enters a Near-Death state cannot enter the battlefield or interfere the battle.

  – If one player forfeits the battle, the remaining teammate can stay and keep fighting in the battlefield.

  – If a battling player forfeits the battle, the remaining teammate will automatically enters the battlefield.

5) Arena Results

 ① If time is up or the battle result is settled, the Arena will be over.

 ② Arena Points will be given based on the win/loss result.

 ③ Arena Rank/Ranking will be decided based on Arena Points.

6) Arena Season Rank Reward

 ① Rewards will be distributed based on your Arena Rank and Ranking when a season ends.

 ② Arena Points can be earned by winning Arena battles.

  – Your Arena Rank will be increased based on your Arena Points.

  – There are 7 ranks in the Arena.

 ③ Arena Ranks

Bronze0 – 1,199
Silver1,200 – 1,499
Gold1,500 – 1,999
Platinum2,000 – 2,499
Diamond2,500 – 2,999
Master3,000 or more
ChallengerTop 100 players in Master Rank

7) Arena Season Results
 ① When a new season begins, the previous season rank will remain and Base Points will be given for each rank.

 ② Diamond or higher ranks will not remain for the new season.

 ③ Base Points

Previous Season RankBase Points
Platinum or Higher1,600

Arena Rules

1) Solo Match Rules

 ① Time Limit: 2 minutes

 ② Single-round match

 ③ How to Win

  – Drop an opponent’s HP to 0 within the time limit.

  – If the time limit has passed without a battle result, the character with higher HP wins.

  – If both characters’ HP is the same, the battle will end in a draw.

  – Win if an opponent forfeits during the battle.

2) Team Match Rules

 ① Time Limit: 2 minutes

 ② Single-round match

 ③ How to Win

  – Drop the opponents’ HP to 0 within the time limit.

  – If the time limit has passed without a battle result, the team who dealt more damage wins.

  – If both team’s damage dealt is the same, the battle will end in a draw.

  – Win if the opponent team forfeits during the battle.

Arena – Friendly Match

1) Arena – Friendly Match

 ① You can practice PvP with your friends in a Friendly Match without worry of losing points.

 ② Chat is available with players in a Friendly Match room.

 ③ Join the match by accepting an invitation or following a room master.

2) How to Proceed

 ① Access it from the main screen by tapping [Menu] → [Battlefield] → [Arena].

 ② Enter the Arena – Friendly Match

  – Create a room.

♠ Cannot create an Arena – Friendly Match room while joining a party or a battle.

 – Once a player creates a room, the player will become a room master.

   A room master can invite other players.

♠ Invitations cannot be sent to players who’re battling or who are in a party.

 – Use the [Follow] tab to enter the Arena – Friendly Match room.

♠ Cannot use [Follow] while joining a party or a battle.

 ③ Arena – Friendly Match Waitroom

  – Invited players will be on spectator list.

♠ A total of 50 players can enter including spectators and battle participants.

 – A room master can register as a spectator or participant.

 – If there is an empty slot, players can switch teams.

 – A 1 vs 1 or a 2 vs 2 match is available.

 – When all participants tap the [Ready] button, a [Begin] button will appear for the room master.

♠ A battle cannot start with 3 players. Therefore, the [Begin] button won’t appear if there are 3 players.

♠ Players cannot select between a 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 match. Match type will be automatically selected based on the number of participants.

 – A battle starts 3 seconds after a room master taps the [Ready] button.

 ④ Arena – Friendly Match Results

  – The battle will end when the win/loss result is decided.

  – Rewards are not available in Friendly Matches.

  – Win/Loss records will be available.

 ⑤ Room Expiration

  – A room will be deleted when all players leave.

3) Spectating 

 ① A list of spectators will be available.

 ② An exclusive chat is available for spectators.

♠ Battle participants are not available to use the chat for spectators.

 ③ Switch camera modes between View All/View Red Team/Blue Team.

 ④ Tap the Exit button to leave the Friendly Match during the battle.

※ This guide is accurate as of the test version of the game and may be subject to change.

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