Archer Guide 1-40 Ragnarok Origin ラグオリ | 라그나로크 오리진

Hello friends, in this video we want to share our experience playing Archer Ragnarok Origin. How to levelling archer from level 1 to level 40?

You can levelling up by doing quest and hunting monster, also killing 5 mini Boss and 5 Elite monster each day.

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Archer Levelling Guide

From level one to level 10 all you can are clearing all the quest at Beginner Zone, in the Beginner Zone you will learn:

How to use camera, how to use auto potion, how to use skill Play Dead. You will also get some headgear.

After reaching level 10 and clear all the quests, you will get transported to the payon.

Follow the quest to change your job into Archer, after that continue do the quest that given to you until 40.

If your level didnt enough to take the quest you can hunting at our recommended hunting zone below.


After reaching level 20, now you can recruit mercenary to join you hunting. With mercenary the battle will be a lot of easier.

To recruit mercenary you must do the quest first, at level 20 you can recruit Archer mercenary. And once you reach level 28 you can recruit Acolyte mercenary.

Acolyte mercenary can use Heal and Blessing, with her you can save more potion.

Recommended Hunting Zone

You can levelling at our recommended hunting zone, bought fire arrow to increase damage to the monster.

Because at our recommended hunting zone all monster have earth elemen that weak to the fire element attack.

West Geffen

North Geffen

Byaland Island

Alberta Island

Archer Status Build

Archer attack will increase if you add more DEX status to your character, and if you add AGI into your character then your attack speed, evasion will increase.

We suggest to raise your character status with ratio 2 DEX : 1 AGI. With this status build you can easily hunt monster.

Archer Skill Build

Archer skill build that we suggests are:

10 Double strafe

10 Owl Eyes

10 Vultute Eyes

10 Improve Concentration

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