Annihilate a powerful [Field Boss] Event, Blade and Soul Revolution

Hello friends, this is Blade and Soul Revolution event explanation,
Annihilate a powerful [Field Boss],
05/14/2020 (Grand Launch) – 06/25/2020 (Until the server maintenance).

Each territory is guarded by a Field boss! You can claim rank rewards in addition to completing reputation quests by participating in the Field Boss Annihilation event. Don’t miss out on this event. 

Rewards include Equipment Chests and Greater Hongmoon Energy for completing missions during the event.

◈ Annihilate a powerful [Field Boss]

▶ Event Period

– 05/14/2020 (Grand Launch) – 06/25/2020 (Until the server maintenance)

▶ Details

 – Defeat the Field Boss of each region to claim the rewards! 

▶ How to Participate: 

 – [Quick Menu] > [Event] > [Field Boss Events] 

▶  Rewards

Clear Viridian Coast Field Boss x 3Viridian Coast Field Boss Chest
Clear Cinderlands Field Boss x 3Cinderlands Field Boss Chest
Clear Moonwater Plains Field Boss x 3Moonwater Plains Field Boss Chest
Clear Silverfrost Mountains Field Boss x 3Silverfrost Mountains Field Boss Chest
Complete All Missions3 Greater Hongmoon Energy 
3 Greater Red Energy 
3 Greater Blue Energy 

※ Once claimed, the rewards will be sent to your bag.

※ Each character may participate only once.

※ Event period is subject to change. In the event of a change, advance notice will be given.  


Q. Where can you find the Field bosses?

A. You can tap on the territory in the top right of the in-game menu, or go to [Menu] → [Adventure] 

    → [Field Boss] and to locate them, tap on the button below their portrait to go to the Field Boss.

   Field Bosses will reappear after a set period when they are defeated. 
   If you can’t spot them, move on to another channel 

Q. I want to hunt the Field Boss but I’ve run out of stamina T.T 

A. No worries. If you defeat it, you will receive the rewards based on the Contribution ranks. It will count      towards Contribution as well as the mission. 

Q. Tell me more about this Greater Hongmoon Energy

A. Great Hongmoon Energy is required to attain Hongmoon skills. You can get it from the Training Grounds or by purchasing it from the Exchange Merchant.

You can use it to get Hongmoon points. You can check your Hongmoon points through

[Skills → Hongmoon Arts]. 

Q. What are the advantages of accomplishing the contribution missions? 

A. You can increase your stats as a reward for completing the contribution missions and receive a special reward for clearing the regional contribution missions. Field Bosses are difficult to defeat but offer awesome rewards! Good luck defeating them with your fellow! Thanks!

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