Animal Crossing New Horizons FAQ

Can I have more than one Island on one Switch?

No, the save data is tied to the switch itself so only one island per switch is possible. Each profile (up to 8) can live on the island but one player, the first to set up/found the island, will be the Island Representative and will act in similar fashion to the Mayor in New Leaf. The island representative will be the one who progresses the “story” and will be the one to place bridges, inclines and buildings, invite villagers and so forth.

How do I upload images from my Switch?

You can either upload directly from your Switch to a Facebook or Twitter account, or if your pictures are stored to an SD card you will be able to insert your SD card into a computer or phone and retrieve the images from there.

No one appears in my campsite?

Campsite visits are random, and you won’t necessarily get one every week. Isabelle will always announce when someone is visiting the campsite. Datamined information shows that

How do I upgrade Nook’s Cranny?

You will require:
• A combined total of 200,000 bells spent/received, this will be either through buying furniture or selling to Timmy and Tommy
• 30 fish and bugs donated to the museum
• 30 days to have passed since the opening of Nook’s Cranny
• The Resident Services building

What are the plot dimensions of Nook’s Cranny/the Able Sisters/the Museum/the Campsite?

Nook’s Cranny: 7×4

Able Sisters: 5×4

Museum: 7×4

Campsite: 4×4

How do I upgrade the Museum?

The museum upgrade requires you to have donated 60 bugs and fish, which includes the 15 you gave to Nook and Blathers to build the museum. Once the condition has been met, talk to Blathers and he will mention applying for an upgrade.

How do I get my island to a 3 star/ 5 star rating?

3 Star
• Have 7 or more villagers living on your island (Talk to Nook to sell land to invite more villagers)
• Purge the island of weeds
• Build fences
• Plant some flowers
• Have one extra bridge and incline built
• Place decorations/furniture outside
• Pick up “stuff” that’s lying on the floor (fruit, dropped items, trash etc)
• Listen to Isabelle! Ask her for Island evaluations and she will guide you on what you need more of
5 Star
• Have the maximum number of villagers living on your island (10)
• Have built the Able Sisters
• Have a large combination of Nook Mile (20+), purchasable (40+), and craftable (50+) furniture items.
• Place a large number of fences (50+)
• Plant, water and cultivate flowers (250+)
• Develop the island with more bridges and inclines
• Listen to Isabelle! She will guide you on wether more trees/flowers need to be planted, wether you need for furniture or fences. She will keep you on track and let you know once you’ve reached it. Once she stops giving a certain feedback it means you have reached the requirements for that target!

How can I get rid of an unwanted villager?

No amount of ignoring or hitting Monique with your net will get them to move out faster, though some speculate that higher levels of friendship ask to move more often. Villagers thinking of moving will be doing the thinking animation, they will then ask you if it’s okay to move out. Villagers will not move out without your permission! You can also use Amiibo cards to force a villager our of your island. Regular campsite villagers will also kick a villager out but they will not let you choose who. Closing and reopening your game can get them to change who they want to negotiate with.

Do I need an online subscription to visit other players?

Yes and No.

For players you meet on this subreddit, and for using the kiosk in the Able Sisters, an online subscription is required. You do not need a subscription if you are using local multiplayer.

Can I move a building/player home/shop/villager home?

Yes! You can move any building except for the resident services building and it’s plaza.

Why aren’t my trees growing?

Trees require 1 empty space on each side in order to grow, and there is a limit as to how many can be planted per acre. If you’re struggling to grow a tree in a spot you want, you can always plant it elsewhere then dig it up and place it there later!

Do I have to let [that villager I don’t like] move in from the campsite?

Depends, if this is the first villager that has appeared since you built the campsite then yes they have to move in in order to progress the initial “story” with Nook. The villager will not leave the campsite until they have been invited. Villagers after this one do not have to be invited and will leave the following morning.

How do I get more…

Iron/stone/clay/gold nuggets: Hit rocks with a shovel or axe, don’t eat any fruit before you do this else, you’ll break the rock!

Weeds: pull from the ground, if there are none either visit a mystery island or give it some time, they’ll grow back.

Hard/Soft/Regular wood: hit a tree three times with a flimsy or stone axe, you can do this on each tree once per day.

Branches: shake trees, watch out for bees.

Flowers: Purchase seeds from Nook’s Cranny or water existing flowers. You can also find flowers, including rare hybrids, on mystery islands using Nook Mile Tickets. Your town will have 3 native flowers, so check with your friends to see which they have!

When taking flowers from a mystery island or in general, you will need to use a shovel. Only stems can be replanted, plucked flowers cannot.

Fruit: Your island will start off with 1 “native” fruit and you will receive an additional fruit from your in game “Mom”. Your island will have a “sister” fruit, which is the fruit seldomly found on mystery islands. Mom may or may not send you your sister fruit (she did for me), and you can also find coconuts on the mystery islands. Check with your friends to see what fruits they have! When you get a new fruit, don’t forget to plant it to obtain more of that fruit.

Villagers: Talk to Nook and ask to sell some land to purchase a villager plot. You can have up to 10 villagers on your island but no more will come if there are no plots available. If you have an available space, villagers will appear on mystery islands and can be invited via the campsite. If you do not fill the plot yourself, a random villager will move in.

If you have no spare plots and you ask a campsite villager to move in, if they were not invited via amiibo they will select a random villager to negotiate with so they can take their place on the island. Amiibo villagers will let you choose who to kick off your island. If you do not have the maximum number of plots and your town is full, villagers will not ask to kick anyone out and will instead say the island is full. You must build them a plot to invite them.

Furniture: Shoot balloons, gift spare/unwanted/ugly furniture to villagers, attach gifts to letters you send, shop at Nook’s every day. Don’t forget to shake your trees as two per day will contain a random piece of furniture! This also applies to the mystery islands, 1 tree per trip (unless the island is all fruit or bamboo) will contain a furniture piece.

Can I move data between switches?

No, as the island is tied to the switch. There is currently no way to transfer this data.

Why can’t my second player do…

Only the island representative can upgrade the resident services tent, place buildings, invite villagers, build Nook’s Cranny and so forth.

Can I delete players from my island?

Yes, press – on the game start menu to talk to Nook about removing a user.

About an NPC…

Flick and C.J.: Random wanders your island. Stays till 5am and buys bugs/fish at 150% of their usual sell value. Exchange 3 of the same creature for a model of that creature. Visitors cannot sell to these NPCs.

Mable: Visits semi-frequently as a travelling merchant and will be stationed in the Plaza. Once approximately 5000 bells are spent, Mable will talk about setting up shop. The island representative will be able to place the Able Sisters as a permanent location, which will take 2 days to build but will not require resources from the players.

Labelle: Randomly sets up shops in the Plaza once the Able Sisters is open. Challenges the player to fulfil a look and will grant an exclusive Label brand accessory or clothing item on success, which will then become buy-able from the Able Sisters. Stays until 5am.

Kicks: Randomly sets up shop in the Plaza once the Able Sisters is open. Sells shoes and bags. Stays till 5am.

Gulliver: Randomly washes ashore. Wake him up and dig his communicator parts up to fix his phone and he will send you a gift in the mail the next day

Saharah: Randomly wanders your island. Sells rugs, flooring, and wallpaper. Items are random but once revealed will be the same for each visit to them that day. Gives “Saharah Tickets” when the player purchases a rug and 5 tickets can be exchanged for a random wall or floor. Stays till 5am, visitors can purchase from them.

Celeste: Randomly wanders your island past 7pm on clear nights. Talk to her to receive a DIY recipe that uses star fragments. A visit from her does not guarantee that you will see shooting stars that day.

Wisp: Randomly wanders your island past 7pm. Catch his 5 spirit pieces and he will grant you a random reward.

Daisy Mae: Wanders your island from 5am to 12pm on Sundays. Purchase turnips from her from prices ranging from 90-110 bells, and sell these for (hopefully) a profit with Timmy and Tommy in the week. Turnips purchased the previous week automatically rot on Sunday mornings and are sensitive to time paradoxes, so don’t time travel with them or they will rot early.

K.K.Slider: After you’ve completed Project K, he will appear in the Plaza every Saturday unless there is a planned event for that day (i.e Fishing Tournament). After 6pm request a song from him and he will give you that track for your own music players. You can continue to request songs from him but he will only gift you the first track of the night. Tracks must be typed exactly as they appear in game else they will not be recognised and he will play a random one.

Crazy Redd: After fulfilling the requirements for the museum upgrade, talk to Blathers to have him mention art pieces. Redd will randomly show up on your island at your secret beach, and the map will show a marker for his shop when he is present. The first time Redd docks on your shores you will not be able to enter his boat. Instead, Redd will be randomly wandering your island and you must purchase a painting off him (don’t worry, it will be real!) and donate it to Blathers. On Redd’s second visit, you will be able to enter his boat.

Redd sells 4 art pieces per visit (after the first) but you can only buy one of them. Some of them will be fake but you can request a better look to check over the art before you buy. Once you have bought an art piece it will be mailed to you the next day and you cannot buy any more pieces, but you can buy as much furniture as you like. It is possible that all the artwork Redd is selling that day will be fake.

Leif: Following the 1.2.0 Nature Day update, Leif will now visit your town randomly as a travelling merchant. Sells flower seeds, bushes, and will buy weeds at a premium price of 40 bells per clump. Stays until 5am, visitors can purchase from him.

About Terraforming…

How to unlock: Complete Project K by obtaining a 3 star town rating. K.K.Slider will play preform his concert the following day and you will receive the Town Editor App once the credits have finished.

Make cliffs/rivers: Permits must be purchased from the Nook Terminal in the Resident Services building. Cliff and River construction permits cost 8,000 Nook miles each.