ADVANCED GUIDE Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

These Tips & Tricks are more Miscellaneous and are definitely helpful.

This guide may be added to as time goes on for more miscellaneous things that may help players

Please note many of these tips may not make sense initially because it is an ADVANCED guide.

Solo Raid Boss Achievement Gems

  • You can get 12 free gems per boss!
  • You need to beat every boss with 1 of your own units and 1 friend unit, on each difficulty.
  • You need to first do normal, then go to the achievements tab, claim the gems, and repeat for all difficulties.

Affection & Costumes

  • If characters share the same name, like the 3 Gowthers, 2 Sladers, both Skinny Kings etc. They share the same food needed to 5* them, for the hearts.
  • Maxing the hearts is very useful as it gives the weapons/costumes, or head piece to all units, with that same name.
  • Easiest way to tell if a character shares costumes with another version of themselves is to check their ultimate skill. If they have the same ultimate skill, they share costumes
  • The easiest way to 5 heart your units is to farm the food required for it.
  • When farming food, make sure to always do easy. Easy mode is the most efficient at farming the food, it is cheap and has 100% drop rate.
  • Remember, only 5 costumes, weapons, and head pieces can be used per unit. (If you need any help with this, or further explanation please don’t be afraid to ask.)
  • Costumes Give Stat Bonuses that work in both Gearless & Geared Modes

Team Orientation

  • Whichever unit is your lead(Left Side Placement) that is the only unit you have that has the possibility to get a 2* skill turn 1.
  • This is in both PVE and PVP content.
  • When building a team for raid bosses make sure to stagger your Gowther’s (meaning place 1 gowther on left and 2nd player will put their’s in the middle or right position) This allows for more cards to be received that are of different types for both players on the intial turns.

Passives & Teambuilding

  • Try and remember passives, it’ll tremendously help you when building teams.
  • For example, when deciding subs in pvp, you want someone that can help/boost your main team. (SR Green Gil, CS Merlin)

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