6 Blade & Soul Revolution Tips and Tricks, You Must Try!

Hello friends, Blade & Soul Revolution is the latest MMORPG from Netmarble that was just released on May 14. For those of you who just got into the game and still trying to get a grasp of it, perhaps you’ll need some tips and tricks to accelerate your character’s progress.

If you do need some useful tips and tricks on playing this particular game, then you’re in luck, ‘cause on this occasion, Ombopak would like to give you six Blade & Soul Revolution tips and tricks that you need to try. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Pick a Class that Suits Your Playstyle

6 Blade & Soul Revolution Tips and Tricks, You Must Try! 1

Just like any other MMORPGs in general, Blade & Soul Revolution has a variety of class choices that you can pick to play as and have an adventure with. Currently, there are four different class choices; Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, and Force Master.

Obviously, those four classes have different playstyles and levels of difficulty. If you’re into close-range combats, you may pick Destroyer or Kung Fu Master, for mid-range, you may pick Blade Master, and for long-range, Force Master. So, suit your class with your playstyles!

2. Do the Main Quest

Field Boss Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

One way to level up in this game is by doing the main quest. By completing the main quest, you’ll get some exp, silver, and various equipment that you can use to face even more difficult enemies. Aside from leveling up in a faster way, the main quest also has an interesting storyline.

3. Complete the Side Quest

Dungeon Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

Before diving into the game, each day, you should complete every side quest available to get more exp, silver, and other items. If you’re looking to speed up the leveling process, then you may want to complete all of the daily tasks since the bonus exp from those are very useful.

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4. Disable the Auto-Battle at Certain Times

6 Blade & Soul Revolution Tips and Tricks, You Must Try! 2

The auto-battle feature is indeed very useful both in farming or grinding, but this feature will hinder you at certain times, such as in boss fights. If you activate the auto-battle when dealing with a powerful boss, you may not be able to dodge, which will result in quick and continuous deaths.

When fighting against powerful bosses, it’d be best to disable the auto-battle feature and manually control your character to give the maximum damage and dodge the boss’ attacks.

5. Join in a Clan

Arena PVP Guide Blade and Soul Revolution

In Blade & Soul Revolution, there’s a guild or clan system that you can take advantage of. After completing the tutorial, you should immediately look for and join an active clan so you can partake in clan dungeons, and enjoy the clan shop feature.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll automatically join a training clan. So, make sure to leave that clan before joining in another active clan.

6. Refine / Upgrade Your Equipment

6 Blade & Soul Revolution Tips and Tricks, You Must Try! 3

Equipment is important in every game, in Blade and Soul Revolution You can Reforge, Enhance your equipment.

Reforging allows you to process equipment stats, and is one method to get new stats for equipment.
Enhancement Stones can be used to enhance weapons and accessories.
The base stats of enhanced equipment will increase, and Special Options will be activated.

Those were six Blade & Soul Revolution tips and tricks that you should know. Stick around for other gaming discussions on Ombopak, and don’t forget to follow Ombopak’s social media accounts to keep you updated on the latest gaming news.