15 Event Travel or Ragnarok M

Travel or Ragnarok M, stay at home and playing Ragnarok M. See the guide list schedule below.

Event DateDetails
May 1 to June 1, 2020Event Puzzle
Solve the 9 pieces puzzle to unlock certain rewards. Each day you can solve one puzzle.
May 1 to 15, 2020Labor Day
Monsters during this event will has a chance to drop a blueprint Dream Fountain.
May 1 to 14, 2020Sign-in Quest
Find the npc Griffin at the Prontera Square and finish the quest. Total of 5 quests.
May 1 to 31, 2020Mount Shop Discount
30% discount to all Mount Merchant items.
May 5 to 15, 2020Rift Dungeon
Every 9:00PM to 10:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time), players can join the rift at the Goblin forest to get rare rewards.
May 5 to 31, 2020Event Card
New craft item at King Poring, the Travel Troubles.
May 7 to 14, 2020Traveler Lucky Bag
The item Traveler Lucky Bag available at Big Cat Coin for 15BCC. Max purchase of 200.
May 14 to 21, 2020Gem Donation
find NPC Brandon to donate certain gem at Prontera Square. Get rewards when donates 4 days in a row.
May 14 to 21, 2020Enhance Essence Giftbox
The Enhance Essence Giftbox is available for 15BCC, max purchase of 60.
May 14 to 28, 2020Fantasy Generator Feast
New costume themed named Time Traveler at Gacha feast.
May 19 to June 6, 2020Monster Loot
All monsters will have a chance to drop cooked food and ingredients.
May 19 to June 4, 2020Reconnect Event
Player who last login was before April 19 and login to the game from May 19 to June 4 will get a reconnect rewards.
May 19 to 28, 2020Lucky Card Bag
The Lucky Card Bag is available for 30 BCC, max purchase of 60.
May 21 to 28, 2020Quiz
Accept the daily quiz from NPC Vid’s Quiz at the Prontera Square and get rewards.
May 28 to June 6, 2020Heartwarming Giftbox
The giftbox is available for 10BCC, with max purchase of 60.

Event 1 – Event Puzzle

Starting May 1 to June 1, 2020, the event puzzle will be available. “Travel or Ragnarok M” will have a total 9 pieces of puzzle to solve, which are separated in 9 event missions.

You can access the Event Puzzle at the game menu at New Event.

The following are the Event Quest to complete.

Adventure Together IAvailable
Adventure Together IIAvailable
Adventure Together IIIAvailable
Participate on Time Rift onceNot Yet Available
Solve Vid’s Problem onceNot Yet Available
Solve Vid’s Problem three timesNot Yet Available
Obtain 1 x Brandon’s AppreciationNot Yet Available
Obtain Travel TroublesNot Yet Available
Finish Endless Tower floor 60Not Yet Available

Solving the puzzle will allow you to get puzzle pieces, collecting them all will get you reward and special items.

Each PuzzleMysterious Box SP
Unlock 3 PiecesGold Medal
Smooth Rune Stone
Unlock 6 PiecesPray Card Pack
Valkyrie Gift
Unlock 9 PiecesGlitter Rune Stone
Hardcover Emil’s Card Album

The event can only played once per account, after June 1, the puzzle pieces will be useless.

Event 2 – Labor Day

Starting May 1 to 15, 2020, All of the monsters in the game will have a chance to drop a blueprint called “Dream Fountain”.

However, it require stamina or battle time to drop these items.

Event 3 – Sign-in Quest

Starting May 1 to 14, 2020, An NPC will be available at the Prontera Square, players need to find this NPC named “Griffin” to accept the mission “Adventure Together”.

There will be a total of 5 missions to complete, when finishing each of the mission, players will get a Vid’s Treasure Box.

When finishing all of the mission, players will receive a blueprints:

  • Pumpkin’s Watch
  • Traveler – Clumsy

Player must accept this mission before May 7.

Event 4 – Rift Dungeon

Starting May 5 to 15, 2020, at every 9:00PM to 10:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time), adventurers can head into Goblin Forest to participate in the Rift Dungeon. Completing the rift will allow you to get rare materials as rewards.

Participating this event for the first time will allow you to get an limited time title “Play with Fire”.

Participating the event twice will allow you to get “Traveler – Lost”.

Participating the event thrice will allow you to get a back Headwear “Starlight Gate”

Multiple account can finish this mission per day.

Event 5 – Quiz

Starting May 21 to 28, 2020, Players will able to accept a quiz quest from the NPC Vid’s Quiz at the Prontera Square, completing the quiz will allow you to get Vid’s Treasure Box.

Finishing all of the 7 quiz quest will allow you to get an item “Vid’s Appreciation”.

Limited to one character only per account.

Event 6 – Mount Shop Discount

Starting May 1 to 31, 2020, there will be a sale at the Big Cat Coin Store or Recharge, all the items from the Mount Merchant will be 30% discount.

The discounts includes Big Cat Coins and Zeny mount items.

Event 7 – Event Card

Starting May 5 to 31, 2020, Player can able to craft an event card Travel Troubles at King Poring at the South Prontera Gate.

To craft Travel Troubles, you need the following materials:

  • 1 x Traveler – Clumsy
  • 1 x Traveler – Lost
  • 1 x Traveler – Darkness

Event 8 – Gem Donation

Starting May 14 to 21, 2020, players can donate all kinds of gem to the npc Brandon at the Prontera Square.

The npc will asked players for certain gem on each day, donating 4 days in a row will allow you to get a Traveler – Darkness.

Players can only donate once per day.

Event 9 – Traveler Lucky Bag

Starting May 7 to 14, 2020, a new item Traveler Lucky Bag will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge) for only 15 BCC with a maximum purchase of 200 per account.

Opening the Traveler Lucky Bag contains the following:

  • Oracle Dust
  • Oracle Crystal
  • Mithril
  • 0.2% chance to get an exclusive mount Soul-Beast

Event 10 – Enhance Essence GiftBox

Starting May 14 to 21, 2020, the Enhance Essence Giftbox will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store or Recharge for 15 BCC with maximum purchase of 60 per account.

Opening the Enhance Essence Giftbox contains:

  • Enhance Essence I
  • Enhance Essence II
  • Enhance Essence III
  • 100,000 Zeny

Event 11 – Monster Loot

Starting May 19 to June 6, 2020, all monsters in the game has a chance to drop a cooked food.

  • Cooked food – 0.4% chance
  • Food Ingredients – 10% chance

Event 12 – Reconnect Event

Starting May 19 to June 4, 2020, players who last logged in before April 19, 2020 will get an Reconnect Gift if the player will login between May 19 to June 4, 2020.

Once the condition is meet, players will get the rewards straight from the in-game mail.

Reconnect Gift contains the following:

  • Gold Medal
  • Dish Pack B
  • Job Potion Dense

Every character in the account will be qualified to get the rewards.

Event 13 – Lucky Card Bag

Starting May 19 to 28, 2020, the Lucky Card Bag will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge) for 30 BCC with a maximum purchase of 60.

Opening the Lucky Card Bag contains the following:

  • Gorgeous CArd Album
  • Nolan Card
  • And one of the following:
    • 75% Poke Card Album
    • 20% Tarot Card Album
    • 5% Ancient Magic Card Album

Event 14 – Heartwarming Giftbox

Starting May 28 to June 6, 2020, the Heartwarming Giftbox will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge) for 10 BCC with maximum purchase of 60.

Opening the Hearthwarming Giftbox contains:

  • Praying Card Pack
  • Valkyrie’s Gift

Event 15 – Fantasy Generator Feast

Starting May 14 to 28, 2020, a costume theme will be available at the Gacha Feasy, it is named Time Traveler.

There is the list schedule May event from Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, stay at home and keep playing Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love during this pandemic. Hope the world will get better soon.